Doctor Who Monsters A-Z : The Master

March 30, 2014 in Dr Who, Guest Blogs by GuestBlogs

A Guest blog by Hevy782


The Master is a renegade Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who has faced the Doctor many times and has had many different schemes throughout his lifetime. He and the Doctor we once close friends at the academy but when they left Galifrey they went on very different paths. While the Doctor decided that he wanted merely to observe and help the universe, the Master decided that he wanted to rule it and that there are only two ways to live, you either rule or you serve, and he was intent to rule. Some of the Master’s many plots include trying to start a war between Earth and Draconia, trying to prevent the signing of the Magna Carter and trying to create a paradox where the human race is destroyed by what it would become in the future.

After he stared into the time vortex at a very young age he began to hear a constant drum beat in his head. This was the heart beat of a Time Lord and the key to releasing them from the Time War when the time arrived. But the drum beat had other effects and began to drive him mad. This was what turned him into the power mad killer he is now known as and as time went on the beat grew even stronger until he finally couldn’t take it anymore and went out to find the source.

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One of the Masters most famous weapons is his Tissue Compression Eliminator, which kills people by shrinking them down to the size of around three inches. He later perfected to the point that the victim shrinks so much that their remains become practically invisible. He later swapped this device out for a Laser Screwdriver, which along with doing exactly its name suggests can also age people indefinitely using technology similar to that developed by Professor Richard Lazarus. One of his greatest weapons was the android Kamelion which could be controlled simply by thought and can change its physical appearance into practically anything. However, it eventually betrayed him and joined forces with the Doctor.

The Master’s first appearance was in Terror of the Autons written by Robert Holmes and featuring the Thrid Doctor, Jo and UNIT. During this the Master comes to Earth and steals the Nestene Energy unit left over from the Nestine’s last invasion attempt. As the Doctor and UNIT hunt for him, he takes over a plastic factory and starts creating Autons. He then creates plastic daffodils which have to power to suffocate their victims. He distributes them all over the country and plans to activate them all at once and use the mass panic created by all the deaths as an ideal time for the invasion force to land. The Doctor and UNIT learn of this though and destroy them before they can do any damage. After a quick skirmish outside a radio telescope the Master creates a gateway for the invasion force to arrive through but the Doctor convinces him that the Auton’s wont honour any bargin and so they close the gateway and send the invasion force right out into space. The Master then escapes to fight the Doctor another day, and thus begins a long and bitter rivalry.

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One of the Master’s later appearances was in The Deadly Assassin written by Robert Holmes and featuring the Fourth Doctor. During this the Doctor heads to Gallifrey and has a premonition of the death of resigning president. He tries to stop it but is too late and ends up being framed for the assassination. Chancellor Goth (the most likely candidate to be the presidents successor) believes that the Doctor should be tried and executed as soon as possible. The Doctor is able to come up with some proof that he wasn’t the assassin and then enters the Matrix to try and find out the truth. Inside he fights Goth who is revealed to be working for the Master who is reaching the end of his thirteenth life and will soon die. After defeating Goth in the Matrix the Doctor goes after the Master who plans to unleash the Eye of Harmony from the centre of Galifrey destroying the planet and all the Time Lords but giving himself a longer lifespan. The Doctor is able to stop him and the Master apparently dies. As the Doctor leaves Galifrey the Master can be seen entering his own TARDIS and taking off after him, ready to fight another day.

The Master’s most recent appearance was in The End of Time by Russell T. Davies and featuring the Tenth Doctor and Wilf. During this the Doctor arrives on the Ood Sphere and discovers that the Ood have been having bad dreams about the Master. The Doctor returns to Earth and learns that his old enemy has been resurrected but is unstable. The Doctor meets up with his old friend Wilf and they go off to find the Master. Meanwhile, a father is preparing an alien machine to assure his daughter immortality. But the machine was not made to cure a single person but an entire race based off one example. The Master highjacks the machine and turns every human into a copy of himself, created what he dubs the Master race. The Doctor and Wilf escape the Master and learn that his true plan is to amplify the drumbeat in his head and find the source, Galifrey. Using this he brings the Time Lords back from the end of the war who intend to destroy time itself but the Doctor arrives to stop them. The Master ends up appearing to sacrifice himself to send the Time Lords back into the war and in doing so saving the whole planet. However, Wilf gets himself stuck inside a radiation cubical trying to save a mans life and is about to be killed. The Doctor enters the cubical to save him and is bombarded by the radiation. He then looks back and says goodbye to every one of his companions before finally regenerating in the TARDIS.

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That’s all for the villainous Master, next week we take a look at the Nimon, Minotaur like creatures from across the stars.