Welcome To Level 1313

March 25, 2014 in Guest Blogs, Star Wars by GuestBlogs

A Guest blog by StarWarsBeatle


Well this blog post has been in my bucket list for a while, so let’s talk Star Wars! The previews of this game were amazing, the GAMEPLAY just got me hooked, and gameplay is probably the most boring aspect of any video game to watch. This game was just all out amazing. It really was a great example of grabbing a controller, and feeling like you were at the heart of Star Wars. Move over Battlefront, this is no arcade, this is a REAL Star Wars game!

Coruscant uh… that doesn’t compute bro….


So the fact that were seeing Coruscant here is awesome. It’s one of my favorite planets and to see a different side to it, AWESOME! If there was an Episode III and I/II, you’d be looking at it. They said that George was actually very interested at looking at the layers of Coruscant, I’m not sure how it worked it out over there at Lucasfilms, but sure enough George loved the idea of 1313. The idea of a world layered by rows of cities is very interesting, you never think what’s actually at the bottom of this thing. And it actually kinda makes a sense to see layers built upon layers. Don’t say I’m right, but I theorized the other day that the reason why the skyscrapers on Coruscant don’t go any higher, is because there is less air as you go towards the atmosphere. Therefore build an artificial surface and create an atmosphere that was just like the previous. Yeah, I would like to work for Lucasfilms! And the idea of thousands of layers is also an incredible concept. One, it’s cool to take a nice trip down, and two how exciting would it be to see a real gritty, dirty, industrial, and dark feel of Coruscant!

Bounty Hunters! We Don’t Need Their Scum!


Well actually we do, a longer Embo cameo before The Clone Wars ended, would be nice. Never the less, these “place holder” characters felt very classic Star Wars. And the previews with these guys gave you a nice feel of how this game will go. No Jedi, and no Commandos with reinforcements, just you and the clothes on your back. They said it well, this is the Han Solo universe that’s always been hinted at, now we get to see it! And hinted with an array of armaments and different customizations, according to the EU, this is most populated planet in the galaxy, now with so many people with different ideas, well you say our famed place holder protagonist and his equipment… and his name we never heard of… he’ll make his spin own off… Marrok will be in it!

Dat Problem


The story of 1313 can get interesting. Obviously we’re hunting bounties, it’s confusing with these bounty hunters you know! *insert wink* So were in the most dangerous place in the galaxy were all these guys like the Pykes thrive away from the Empire. So we nothing is going good. And it’s a long way down. Who knows what actually lies between 5,127 levels, and just think that maybe that the surface of Coruscant and another city built on that might be considered a level. Why they use probe droids! Marrok must be the main hero of the game! lol


This was a quick blog, but I had to get the adrenaline idea off my back! Just awesome how much hype it got just after showing us so little! *cry* Just like Boba- nah screw him, Bo-Katan *cry* *cry* *caugh* *caugh* *asthma*. lol I would have loved to see this game, if done right, it might have toppled every other Star Wars game. But I think you guys already know the rest…. So to all those Shinies (Do people actual come here? I have a feeling that I’m just talking to myself. PLEASE SAY I’M NOT ALONE in the comments below! XD) check out the rest of the Nexus Route it’s pretty 1313 cool. And this is Star Wars Beatle, signing out!

May the Force be with you… and 1313