Witches of the Mist

May 18, 2013 in Episode Guides by Firebird

Season 3 Episode 14

“The path to evil may bring great power, but not loyalty.”


Anakin and Obi-Wan, sent to track down the mysterious figure behind the deaths of several Jedi, soon find themselves on the trail of the monstrous apprentice that Ventress has created: Savage Opress, who has been trained in the ways of the Sith by Dooku.

When Opress returns to Count Dooku after an unsuccessful assignment, Ventress strikes. With Opress at her side, she attacks Dooku. Opress’ loyalty is fleeting, however, and Dooku and Ventress discover that this new apprentice has a will of his own.

When Savage returns to Mother Talzin, she gives him a new task: To seek the Outer Rim for his long-lost brother….

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Concept Art and Trivia

The clones who return the bodies of Master Halsey and his apprentice to the Jedi Temple weren’t originally going to be Republic Commandos (created for the 2005 LucasArts video game).


StarWars2pgSpread.ct Republic_Commandos

The outfit Ventress wears in the beginning of “Nightsisters” is a direct recreation of the outfit she wore in her concept art and early EU appearances.

Expanded Universe lore had previously suggested that the Jedi never knew Darth Maul’s name, but the captured Neimoidians would have known it during the Naboo invasion. Maul’s EU connections to Iridonia are also mentioned, though the episode reveals Maul was raised on Dathomir.

When Dooku looms over Savage after besting him in a lightsaber duel, he holds two lightsabers at his throat in a very deadly scissor formation. Ironically, this is how Dooku meets his end in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.


Dooku evidently holds a grudge: King Katuunko rejected Dooku’s offer to join the Separatists in the very first episode of The Clone Wars, “Ambush.”

The ship that the Jedi take to leave Toydaria is the Thief’s Eye, the same vessel briefly glimpsed in “Ambush” and used by King Katuunko.

Dooku’s escape hatch concealed in his quarters was previously seen in Season One, “Dooku Captured.” Though Savage does not pursue because he is interrupted by Jedi intruders, it’s questionable whether his enormous build would even fit into the escape tunnel.