Farscape : Out of Their Minds

March 29, 2014 in Farscape by Firebird


When Moya is attacked by Halos-1, a hostile ship, the crew discovers that rather than being injured, they have all swapped minds. Zhaan, on a diplomatic mission to the alien ship, is the only one unaffected. The Halosians then plant an acidic weapon in Moya’s neural cluster, so that not only is the crew in a state of bodily confusion, they must also deal with the acid burning through Moya’s circuits. Zhaan, with no way of getting to the crew, must contend with the Halosians on her own.



I love that Rygel is the most upset about loosing his body. After that watching each of the actors adopting the mannerisms of other characters is very entertaining. Rygel taking a leak with Chritchon’s body and needing instructions.

And then they swap again.


Not really any serious character development (although it looks like Chiana and D’Argo might be taking the next step) but it’s all very entertaining.