Doctor Who : Fear Her

March 26, 2014 in Dr Who by Firebird


A street on an English housing estate. A banner shows that it’s 2012 and the London Olympics are near. The camera pans around to a Child Missing poster. And old lady sees some boys playing playing outside, she tells the to go inside “it’s happening again” she says, she can feel something.

In her room a little girl is singing to herself. She goes to her desk and starts to draw one of the boys. Outside the boy vanishes. The picture the girl just drew comes alive, screaming.

The TARDIS arrives. The ‘near future’, to see the opening ceremony. As the Doctor whitters on about edible ball bearings Rose notices a man adding a third Missing poster to a lamppost. Someone is stealing children from this perfectly ordinary looking street.


The Doctor can feel something where the last boy vanished.

A car cuts out on the street, the 5th that day. Rose helps a workman push it away and then it restarts.

The residents are getting pretty worked up, the police haven’t been able to find anything, the old lady says whatever it is here and it’s evil. Others suspect the workmen, hanging around at all hours. The Doctor soon has had enough and tells them all to shut up.


There’s a metallic smell where the children vanished.

The little girl, Chloe, is drawing again, a cat this time. Her mother comes and looks. She asks why she drew Dale looking so sad. Chloe says she didn’t draw him that way, he made himself sad, so now she’s drawing him a friend. Mum looks worried and then tries to distract Chloe with talk of the Olympics and the torch that will come past the end of their street, but she’s not interested, she’s drawing and threatens to draw her mum if she doesn’t go away.


Outside Rose is petting the cat, it walks off, into a cardboard box but when Rose goes to see what it’s doing it’s vanished. She calls the Doctor over.

Chloe’s pencil breaks. She scribbles angrily.

Outside Rose hears something smashing around inside a closed garage. When she open the door and scribble attacks her.


The Doctor stops it with his sonic and then takes it back to the TARDIS to analysis it. It’s graphite. A scribble creature. Rose makes the connection, a child’s scribble, the girl whose mother is scared of her. The they go to investigate.

When they ask to see the girl her mother says no, so they turn to leave but she quickly calls them back. She doesn’t want to be left alone to deal with ‘things’. “Can you help her?”

While mum Trish talks to the Doctor Rose goes upstairs and slips into Chloe’s room when she goes downstairs. She looks at the wall covered in drawings and spots that the pictures change. Also there’s something in the cupboard. A scary picture. “I’m coming to hurt you”.


The Doctor, Rose and Trish discuss the situation in the Kitchen, the monster in the wardrobe is Chloe’s memory of her abusive father. Then the Doctor goes back upstairs and puts Chloe into a trance so he can talk to the other entity inhabiting her body. It wants Chloe back. It’s an Isolus. It has been separated from it’s billions of brothers and sisters and it can’t stand to be alone so it’s found Chloe, who also felt alone and is trying to collect enough friends to replace its missing family.

Trish hides all of her pens so Chloe can’t do any more damage while the Doctor and Rose go to look for the pod which the Isolus arrived in. Chloe follows them and then returns to her room where she has more pens hidden, and she draws the Doctor and the TARDIS so he can’t stop her. Rose is suddenly left alone. She runs to Chloe, demanding that she return him, but the Isolus answers and it won’t cooperate.


Rose goes outside and meets the council workman again. He starts telling her about his perfect pothole repairs. At first she’s not interested and then she realises that the pod would have been drawn to hot tarmac. She grabs a pickaxe and sets about the patch, much to the workman’s horror, and finds the pod.

Chloe has barricaded herself in her room. Coming into the house Rose finds Trish downstairs and as the workman followers her in complaining they see on the TV that the entire crowd in the Olympic stadium has vanished! Thousands of people have just gone. But it’s not enough, the Isolus has billions of brothers and sisters, the entire population of the world will be needed. Rose and Trish break in to her room.


The Doctor has drawn the Olympic torch on his own picture and Rose realises that’s how to charge the pod. She runs to the end of the road and throws the pod into the torch as it passes. The Isolus feels the charge, the heat and the emotion directed at the torch, it can go home. It leaves Chloe and people start to reappear. Except for the Doctor.

Meanwhile in the house the Evil dad picture has also come to life. Rose can’t get in to them. She tells them that it’s just energy left over from the Isolus. They start to sing, calming Chloe’s fear and the monster vanishes.

On TV the athletes and spectators have returned. The torch bearer stumbles and fall but a mystery man picks up the torch and runs with it. He lights the flame in the stadium and the Isolus pod takes off.


The Doctor returns to the street were Rose presents him with a cupcake, with edible ball bearings on top.


Sadly we didn’t get David Tennant lighting the Olympic flame in real life (how cool would that have been?) but Huw Edwards did end up being the anchor for the BBC during the Olympics so they called that one 6 years early. Not a brilliant story but given what’s to come maybe a lighter episode was a good idea at the time.

Darth_Namialus : Although this episode may not stand out when compared to others of Series Two, I think it holds up rather well. It was a sweet, light-hearted episode with a heartwarming ending and one I quite enjoyed.

I did like the Isolus, it may have been a villain but you do have to feel rather sorry for it. It wants people, that’s all. And Chloe, as well. I did like how it ended – showing the bond between mother and daughter as they sing to defeat the monster. Rose also did well in this episode, saving the Doctor. Maybe they added her heroic parts to make up for what would happen later on… 😥

I liked how they foreshadowed the next two episodes. “There’s a storm coming,” it said, or something like that. I loved how in RTD’s run he’d add little things here and there in preparation for the finale of his season.

Overall, I’d give this episode a 7/10. It’s nothing really special but it’s got a sweet story and nobody died. 😀