Doctor Who Monsters A-Z : Lazarus Creature

March 23, 2014 in Dr Who, Guest Blogs by GuestBlogs

A Guest blog by Hevy782


The Lazarus Creature was a monster which could draw the life energy out of humans and leave them as just a cold husk. A primordial arthropod like beast, it was once a scientist named Richard Lazarus who sought to turn back the biological clock and change what it means to be human. If his idea worked then he could make it so that the human race could live forever and never grow old. To do this he invented the Genetic Manipulation Device (or GMD) which turned back the biological clock and made people look and feel forty years younger.

But the device did more than that. By doing this Lazarus corrupted his DNA and unleashed something inside which human evolution had bypassed long ago. It turned him in to a monster which longed for as much life energy as it could get to survive. To get this it used its scorpion-like stinger tail to drain it out of its human victims. The only part of the creature that bears any resemblance to who Professor Lazarus once was is face, with the rest of him changed into a skeletal body with deadly mandibles.

The Lazarus Creature appeared in The Lazarus Experiment by Stephen Greenhorn and featuring the Tenth Doctor and Martha. During this the Doctor takes Martha back to present day Earth where she and her family are invited to LazLabs to watch Professor Lazarus present his GMD machine. The Doctor senses something is wrong and soon the younger Lazarus transforms into a giant monster and begins to drain the life energy out of people. It goes on a rampage but the Doctor manages to confront it in Southwark Cathedral. He magnifies the sonic resonance of the cathedral organ and manages to disorient the creature so that it falls to its death. In it’s dying form it reverts back to younger from of Richard Lazarus on the flour of the cathedral.

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All the events of The Lazarus Experiment were orchestrated by the project’s principle investor, Harold Saxon, later revealed to be the Doctor’s arch enemy, the Master. You can find out more about this renegade Time Lord next week as we take an in-depth look at the many faces and schemes of the Master.