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#111 The Lost Missions (aka Season 6) Episode 3

“When in doubt, go to the source.”


The body of clone trooper Tup is scheduled for transport to Coruscant, where Chancellor Palpatine’s own doctors will closely examine it. ARC Trooper Fives breaks protocol and defies orders to dig up answers, and discovers that there is an organic construct of unknown purpose hidden in the brains of all clone troopers.

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Original ‘Airdate’ (Netflix US): 7 March 2014

Writer: Katie Lucas

Director: Danny Keller

Concept Art and Trivia

order-66-tumor-clone-wars-603 LamaSuKenobi

The inhibitor chip, as Nala Se describes it, is consistent with what Lama Su says to Obi-Wan Kenobi during his first tour of the cloning facility in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. “We modified their genetic structure to make them less independent than the original host,” says the Kaminoan prime minister. It is evident that this chip does far more than that.


Walking through the corridors of Tipoca City are the bounty hunter instructors Bric and El-Les, first seen in the Season Three episode “Clone Cadets.”


Kamino records hall illustration (dated November 5, 2011).


Kamino embryo room illustration by Will Nichols (dated November 2011).