Clone Wars : Lost Missions – Jar Jar and Mace

March 11, 2014 in Guest Blogs, The Clone Wars by GuestBlogs

Hevy782 takes a look at the two part Jar Jar and Mace arc.


(spoilers after the break)

The Disappeared was the shortest and probably the least anticipated arcs of the final season of the Clone Wars. When it was first revealed that two of the thirteen episodes would focus on Jar Jar and Mace Windu and some ancient cult non-sense many people were not happy. Then hopes began to rise for this when the trailer for the season revealed that Mother Talzin would appear as the villain of the piece. When the Lost Missions were finally released on Netflix opinion on these two episodes then feel down to what it originally was in the eyes of most people. However, the truth is that these were probably some of the closest stories to being near complete and with the only other option to of been to drop down the episode count to eleven it was probably better that we did get those episodes, as any more Clone Wars, in whatever form it takes, is more than welcome.

So what did I actually think of this episode? I must say that I enjoyed these episodes and they served as a bit of light entertainment and help to bridge the gap between the politics heavy Clovis arc and the force overload that was the Yoda arc. The best way to describe these episodes would be a nice bit of fun that calls back to the tone of the earlier seasons while keeping the incredible animation of the later ones. That is one of the big things it has going for it, it’s just a simple story that doesn’t require to much thought to enjoy like the rest of the bonus content does which is quite important when you’re watching them all in one day. Which, let’s be honest, we all did.

Another big positive of this arc was the interaction between Mace Windu and Jar Jar Binks. The inclusion of these two was another call back to the earlier seasons where less major characters from the movies feature as the main characters of an arc. The relationship was similar to that between Jar Jar and Qui-Gon in the Phantom Menace and works really well here with Mace Windu and Jar Jar growing as a team over time. Also, one didn’t hinder the other two much as Mace Windu got to be very awesome in his battles while Jar Jar still got to mess around and provide humour in what would otherwise be a dull story. Jar Jar’s relationship with the queen was quite… interesting.

mace-saves-jar-jar-clone-wars-608 queen-julia-rescue-clone-wars-608

This story still had a bit of stuff about the force in it too which would quite interesting a linked to this idea that Dave Filoni often stressed when talking about the Nightsisters that they draw their power from a different part of the force and we saw that with the Bardottan’s using the force differently to the Jedi or the Sith, preferring to watch over it rather than be warriors of it. The idea of them mistrusting the Jedi is also an interesting one and provides something different for Mace to do who is not used to being treated this way, especially when Jar Jar is so trusted by them. The idea of the cult draining the living force out of people is quite unique and Mother Talzin trying to use that to give her power over a different side of the force further shows Dave’s point. This force stuff gives it a bit of a link to the following Yoda arc and leads us into that with a much more simple story.

The story is actually quite fast paced once it gets going with the first half of part one being quite slow but when the battle begins the action rarely ever stops for long with the chase scene taking up most of part two. Unfortunately, the chase scene does get a bit tedious towards the end and it really needed to get it over and done with so we can move onto the Mace verses Mother Talzin fight which was the main attraction of this arc. Jar Jar does his usual during these scenes which ultimately end up helping Mace but me being someone who always found Jar Jar somewhat amusing these bits made me laugh at least.

Mother Talzin herself was probably the main flaw in this story, mainly because she was squeezed onto the end and didn’t really have much to do or any proper place as the villain of this story other than to be one which the audience would recognise. I myself see Talzin as more or less Sidious’s equal in terms of the way she manipulates others and has no clear agenda at times. What she was really planing is probably going to be the greatest mystery which will never be unravelled which I really want answers and closure to. Her lack of screen time in this one is disappointing and her fight with Mace Windu is disappointingly short and pushed into the background while Jar Jar rescues the queen. I don’t see why this happened as it defiantly was being limited by running time as this came in well under the norm and shouldn’t even be a problem now that it’s being steamed on Netflix. But I digress.

talzin-vs-mace-clone-wars-609 mother-talzin-disapper-clone-wars-609

Overall, it’s a good arc with some big flaws but it’s mainly just a bit of light entertainment which is best described as a small bit of fun. Not a good final appearance for Talzin but Mace and Jar Jar get some good stuff to end their story off in the Clone Wars with so ultimately, for me, it’s a good arc with a traditional ending of riding off into the sunset. Or rise, rather.