Clone Wars : Lost Missions – Yoda arc 2

March 12, 2014 in Guest Blogs, The Clone Wars by GuestBlogs

Today Mindless Droid gives his take on the Yoda arc.


The Clone Wars Lost Missions debuted on Netflix Friday and it will be a day long remembered. The thirteen episodes were dived into four arcs the last of which centered on our little green friend Yoda. I found it fitting that the final episodes would be about Yoda not only because the series started with a Yoda centric episode Ambush but because of his importance to the saga.

(spoilers after the break)


This arc was very special especially to a longtime fan like myself. Having seen The Empire Strikes Back when it first came out it was quite nostalgic seeing Yoda on Dagobah and seeing him in the cave it gave me goose bumps. The Clone Wars team did a fantastic job answering some of the most thought about questions in the saga but left you with more questions to be answered. The thing I liked most about this arc and the entire series as a whole is how they used things from all the movies and wove them into the stories they told. Throughout the series we have seen them work in things that either echo past events of the prequels but also foreshadow things to come in the original trilogy.


I enjoyed these final four episodes. The visuals were stunning the level of detail amazing. You really need to watch it several times to take it all in. Then you have the music simply beautiful including small snippets of Yoda’s theme and the, Battle of Heroes and more. To me The Clone wars is a work of art a very special show that does not happen often and as a friend once said it was a perfect storm of talent and creativity. You could say The Clone Wars was a show that surrounds and binds the saga together. The Clone wars made the prequels better fleshed out more of the story showed you Anakin Skywalker the hero introduced you to new characters and expanded on others giving them more life it also paid homage to the original trilogy linking the two trilogies together and making Star Wars so much better in the process.

Now some thoughts on each episode.

The Lost One:


The sand storm animation is simply amazing especially when Plo is holding the lightsaber.

Oppo Rancisis looks awesome.

Mace, Sifo-dyas ideas may have been to extreme but yours are too political as in the season five finale.

A lot of stuff happens on Felucia.

Humble senator yeah right.

I love the little facial expressions they give Palpatine when he’s thinking as Sidious but playing the kindly Chancellor.

That’s power force choking someone through a holo transmission.

Those Pikes are a slimy lot and the Hutt tail nice touch.

Anakin’s eye roll at Obi-Wan wanting to negotiate.

The Pyke leader was talking like Moralo Eval in the third person.

A supply bar so that’s what those chalk sticks are called.

The way Dooku just swats those guards away with the force is an example of the dark side being easier more seductive.

The choreography of the lightsaber duels was really getting good.

Sidious set everything up that even when things were found out it forced people to do things they didn’t want to do.



Nice to see the other members of the Jedi council.

Really like the courtyard scene with the leaves falling and the tree just amazing detail.

I like how they referenced Mortis but still kept it a mystery.

I like how Yoda avoids Anakin’s question about Qui-Gon as he does Luke’s question about Vader Rest I need yes rest.

Oppo’s tail coming out of his chair really would love to see him in action.

The time lapse scene of the Coruscant city scape while they meditated was spectacular,

Did they slip in that line by Obi-wan all of us have apprenticed to Master Yoda so it makes his talk with Luke about training Anakin fit better?

Yoda gets that impish Yoda like in empire when he asks Anakin to help him

Going to Dagobah was just….just……

Love the music.

The Cave.

Sidious attack on the Jedi in his office in Yoda’s vision is better choreographed then in ROTS it is more believable, in the movie it looks like everybody is standing around waiting to be killed here it looks much better.

Will Shaak Ti’s fate ever be decided?

The detail on Dagobah is simply stunning.



The visuals are amazing beautiful stunning you have to watch it many times to take it all in.

Was that a gas gulper from Malevolence?

Why do a lot of aliens only have two toes?

Are they the Whills I would like to think so although no official word has been given?

That was like Super Mario Yoda.

Dark Yoda was freaky and something I didn’t expect to see.

The temple scene was chilling and Ahsoka being there was a nice surprise the way Yoda said Ahsoka was very emotional.

They have Ahsoka talking to Mace in the serenity scene good one considering last season’s the force works in mysterious ways speech.

Seeing Dooku as a Jedi was very cool as was seeing all the other Jedi in one place.

The priestess robe falling to the ground is just like Obi-Wan in ANH when Vader strikes him down.



How cool is it that Mark Hamill voiced Darth Bane and with all the casting rumors about episode VII funny how a lot of the rumor people missed that.

Nice touch with the hanger from AOTC.

I like the way Sidious shows such disgust when he says yes after Dooku says Master Yoda.

Said it before but they were getting so good at choreographing lightsaber battles and Yoda, Anakin vs Sidious is another example,

Yoda’s quote at the end “Not victory in the clone wars but victory for all time.” And hearing “There’s another Skywalker” and Vader’s breathing left you thinking.

When the camera panned up the tree and lingered on that leaf I was thinking no this can’t be the end of this wonderful show I didn’t want to let go but it was a decent ending just hope one day we will get to see the rest of the story they had planned. So to the cast and crew of Star Wars: The Clone Wars thank you for six great seasons I will miss this show.