Clone Wars : Lost Missions – Review 1

March 8, 2014 in Guest Blogs, The Clone Wars by GuestBlogs

In the wake of The Lost Missions arriving on Netflix Nexus Route site regulars are going to be sharing their thoughts on the individual arcs and the whole block over the next few days. We kick off with an overview of all 13 episodes by…


Season 6


Season 6, it was awesome. I’m just speechless. After all this time, we finally see the last stories of The Clone Wars. I’m just still trying to rap mind around all of it. So in my epic return of blogging! I just want to talk Season 6 all day! “The Lost Missions”, no, the highly anticipated and legendary Season 6 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

(spoilers after the break)

Order 66 And Fives


When I first saw the preview for this arc, it just felt like we were getting dead on to ROTS. From how chaotic it was to the how colorful the clones and droids were, you can tell it was getting real tense. For the Arc, sadly there wasn’t a large scale battle to really kind of rap it up, like the rest of the season, however all the episodes were very interesting. This one when I saw the previews I just wasn’t to thrilled about it because I was never fond of the idea that there was more to Order 66 and the clones than there was. But it ended up interesting. I just felt like by the end of the series, Domino Squad was kind if the role model of clones. First we see them in Rookies as THE clone troopers that you kind of expect, and have a bit of the Republic Commando influence thrown in there as well. Clone Cadets obviously were the soldiers starting out, Arc Troopers were the battle weary, The Citadel Arc were the experienced, Umbara had the veteran, and this one had basically the story you always wanted to see a clone trooper in. I jerked a few tears for Tup, the martyr, and certainly for Fives. After seeing him for so long, that was it, for him, and for Domino squad (Fox is probably one of the most hated clones now lol). And after that arc, after all this time of seeing the “White Knights” and how cool they were, I really felt that the clones were not just dime a dozen, but just REAL characters that you can pick out in the Star Wars universe.

Trench obviously made his own Rebellion against the Empire, I’m sure it will be cannon. XD



The Clovis and the Mace and Jar Jar arc…. How about we just skip t the interactive part of this show, shall we? Fellow Star Warsians… Star Wars fans- er… Nexus Route to wrongs here… PEOPLE WHO CAN READ THIS STUFF! lol Mother Talzin, I need to rewatch this so this is your chance to beat me to it, why was she there? And what happened to her? Leave comments with smiley faces please! lol Yeah, this arcs stood a little week. Glad Embo was there, was awesome, in his unfortunate last appearance…. It was an interesting out of the blue episode with Clovis, but here were there characters that made it wrong: everyone, except Thorn, Rex, clones, Embo, and Marrok the leading role of the arc! Yup, Padme just was annoying me (just wait ’till I finish this blog, more on this guy!), Clovis is a nerd, Anakin just needs Snips! And more power for Palpatine to get ROTS, the end… yeah…. Mace and Jar Jar now! Mace sorta made it balanced you could say, Jar Jar and his development… *insert facepalm*

They were alright episodes… it’s Star Wars… *insert shrug*.

The Ending


You want Mortis, well you can’t have it, BUT WE GOT YODA! To end The Clone Wars, you got to top that Season 5 Maul/Ahsoka stuff, well, it didn’t. A tear can role down but Darth Bane with an awesome outfit and voiced by Mark Hamill, neutral. Korriban = Moraband, pretty cool, Qui-Gon being creepy, cool check, R2 seeing so much now, let’s talk business! I think it was cool that there was a mysterious and adventurous feel to it, explaining more of the force is alright, now it to end like this…. Again I loved the adventure Yoda took that flowed between Dagobah to Sparkle Force Place to Moraband and all giving a feel for ROTS, and who can forget the Snips cameo! But in the end, it wasn’t the ending to end all endings like Maul, or the ending to end Star Wars (best probably) like Ahsoka, it felt like things we’ve already seen before. From the elements from Mortis to Sifo Dyas form AOTC and knowing that it really isn’t end, especially with III, it left me expected.

Revenge Of The Sith


It was a great idea, 3D will never come it seems so yeah, IN SPECTACULAR FULLSCREEN… immediately do I regret not getting the widescreen for my flat screen. And let me remind you, I forbid myself from watching all the movies so there really awesome once they hit theaters. So since that didn’t happen again, it was a great day for me to see it again. Did I mention Padme earlier? Good, because I was so annoyed with that guy in the movie, I just felt like questioning George. I’m cruel, after all of it, I’m glad, sorry Padme fans, I LAUGHED, AND I’M GLAD SHE DIED. So annoying…. Sorry…. lol Anyway, good to see Greivous and Dooku making 2 second cameos with little respect. Hope Rex wasn’t there…. A little shaky on how it held transitioning from the Clone Wars. Little saddened by Yoda after the arc. Felt fast considering how much of the Clone Wars was in it. Annoyed by the cut square screen. After all that, I need a break from warfare….

Rebel bashing cameo in 3… 2… 1…

6 Years


From the movie, to the show not even thought possible, amazing quality, awesome characters (promised a Bo-Katan cameo in my last one, sorta thinking about in this blog, so NIGHT OWLS RULE), and IMO, made the foundation of all the Star Wars saga. Say what you want about the OT, but this was war against MAJOR players, Rebellions are cool, but no one can will ever forget the Clone Wars. It’s just been an awesome time from everything, it’s why Star Wars meet it’s pinnacle and kept us talking. There was a great sorrow by the end of ROTS where you felt it was the end for Star Wars, Clone Wars saved the day. I’ve just had an awesome time watching this stuff, the collectibles, and who can forget YOU! Yes YOU! The guy who can read! I just want to say real quick, all the fans of Star Wars, you guys rock, you helped keep it going, made it the best of the best, and it’s been a blast talking to you guys. Again, you guys are awesome! *insert smiley face and awesome ending music*


Well, I’m not that sentimental, epically with the stupid precursor and another Episode that shouldn’t even be made, so *insert a sigh*. But I’ll save you my tears for 1313, and I just want to say it’s been an awesome 6 years of Star Wars. To everyone worked on the Clone Wars and the rest of Star Wars, thanks! And to the fans, thanks! Yeah I’m thanking myself to *insert wink*. So I hope I still kept a momentum of Season 6, and last but not least, check out the Nexus Route, it’s awesome! And this has Star Wars Beatle, signing out because like said earlier, I need a break from warfare….

May the force be with you! *insert wink and end credit music*