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March 19, 2014 in Dr Who by Firebird


A young man is running across open group, out of breath he stops when he see’s the TARDIS next to some industrial looking buildings. A slows and walks closer. As he teases out to touch it he hears a voice from the buildings “Doctor, Doctor look out!” and runs to investigate. He hears Rose and the Doctor again, but doesn’t see them. Opening a door and an alien roars in his face. Suddenly we cut to the man telling the story to his video camera. “And if you think that was the most exciting day of my life wait until you hear the rest, oh boy”


It’s worth noting at this point that this episode is what you might call a ‘Doctor Lite” episode because he’s not in it much and the whole story revolves around somebody else. In this case Elton and his friends.

Anyway, back to the story, Elton’s story, the Doctor appears behind the alien and lures it away with a piece of raw meat. There’s some very silly running in and out of doorways which Elton watches until the Doctor stops and says “hang on, don’t I know you?” and Elton runs away.

Elton and his friend Ursua film his old house and he tells the story of his first meeting with the Doctor. He came downstairs one night when he was a child and there was the Doctor. He doesn’t remember anything else.

He witnessed and survived the attack of the Autons (“Rose”) and saw the alien ship crash into the Thames (“Aliens of London”), was trapped in his bed by broken glass caused by the Sycorax spaceship (“Christmas Invasion”).

It’s true, you can’t beat a bit of ELO.

Elton meets Ursula and joins a little group who are researching the Doctor and meet up under the old library. Mr Skinner, Bridget and Bliss. They call themselves LINDA (London Investigative ‘N’ Detective Agency). After a while the group become friends forming a little band and enjoying themselves rather than obsessing about the Doctor until one day a stranger arrives. He calls himself Victor Kennedy and quickly takes over the group, setting them tasks to find the Doctor.


The first time he sends them off he keeps Bliss back and the group never see her again.

Later he sends them out with a photo of Rose trying to find out who she is. Elton gets lucky very quickly and soon knows her name, address and mum’s name. He gets chatting with with Jackie and without making any effort finds himself her new best friend.


At the end of the meeting where he shares his good news Kennedy calls back Bridget.

Jackie keeps calling Elton back, finding odd jobs for him around the flat and finally makes a bit of a pass at him, but he’s ‘saved’ by a call from Rose. He goes out to buy pizza but returns to find that Jackie has come across the photo of Rose in his jacket. She’s furious and upset and sends him away.

Elton stands up to Kennedy and leaves with Ursula, finally inviting her out for a date, but Mr Skinner is tricked into staying behind with promises of Bridget’s number. Ursula realises that she’s left her phone behind and they return to discover Kennedy’s horrible secret. He’s an alien and he’s absorbed the other group members into his body.


Ursula tries to fight him but she’s absorbed before Elton’s horrified eyes. His friends tell him to run and he does, with Kennedy following him. Just as he’s about to be absorbed too the TARDIS materialises. Rose storms out and starts shouting at Elton for upsetting her mum. He’s a bit nonplussed. “Great big absorbing creature from outer space and you’re having a go at me?”

Kennedy thinks he can get the Doctor to surrender himself to save an innocent but the Doctor isn’t interested. He does however suggest that ‘the others’ might have something to say about absorbing Elton. Ursula gets Mr Skinner and the others to pull and they cause Kennedy enough pain that he drops his fancy cane. Elton breaks it in half and Kennedy dissolves into the ground.

Ursula says goodbye and Elton sits there crying. Rose now feels sorry for him

The Doctor explains why he was in Elton’s house all those years ago. He was tracking a living shadow and although he got it he wasn’t in time to save Elton’s mother.

The final twist is that the Doctor manages to bring Ursula back, a bit, she’s a living face on a concrete slab, and we don’t want to go any further than that.


So, over all? It’s a weird one. The Doctor and Rose are hardly in it. Elton is a personable enough character. The alien is scary in concept but less so in execution. I guess it made a bit of a change. Luckily they didn’t allow the negative responses at the time put them off so we got the much better “Blink” in the third series.

Darth_Namialus : Ew. Ewewewewew. Ewww. What a weird episode… But I liked it, for some odd reason. Perhaps it was the more realistic setting, how we got a sense of real life without the Doctor. But still, ew. I did like Elton and Ursula was sweet, in fact I liked all the characters of LINDA and thought it was such a nice little group. But then Victor Kennedy came… he’s probably the character I hate most from Doctor Who. He’s disgusting and horrible. It wasn’t nice to see every member of the group die, either.

I did like the part where Rose asks the Doctor if Kennedy looked like a Slitheen, which shows much she was learning with the Doctor. (unlike *cough* Amy *cough*) What happened to Ursula was a little… interesting, I guess, but at least she didn’t die because I did like her. The Doctor brings the best out of people, as he did with each member of LINDA, even if he never directly contacted them. It’s interesting to know that Elton would’ve featured in “The Stolen Earth,” instead of Harriet Jones, perhaps, but I think I preferred her instead.

Overall, this episode had a pretty, um, strong storyline… even if the alien was a fat weirdo who literally sucked people into him. I wonder what’s with RTD and giant green aliens… 7.6/10

(I like the idea of Doctor-Lite episodes.)