Doctor Who : The Satan Pit

March 12, 2014 in Dr Who by Firebird


The Ood quickly kill two more crew members. Zack is trapped in the control room, Jefferson, Danny, Toby and Rose are trapped in another part of the station. The Doctor and Ida are down the drill shaft next to the open seal.

Zack tells Ida that he wants them back, he’s going to initiate ‘Strategy 9’ (opening the airlocks to kill all the Ood). Ida cuts him off and she and the Doctor debate ignoring the order and going into the pit. The Doctor finally decides, for once, to retreat.

Jefferson wants to shoot Toby but Rose defends him saying that whatever it was had passed into the Ood, he’s clean. She talks to Toby, asking if he can remember anything. He says it was so angry, fury and rage and death. It was the devil.


Ida and the Doctor attempt to return to the surface but the power goes out. The Beast speaks to them through the Ood, telling them that they will die here, but the Doctor challenges him asking which devil he is. There are so many religions, which devil is he. “All of them” he replies. The disciples of the light rose up and chained him in the pit for all eternity. Then it taunts each of them. Rose is terrified. The Doctor gives them all a pep talk but then the cable for the capsule snaps, he and Ida are trapped with no way back to the surface. They’re ten miles down with less than an hour of air.

Rose gets them all organised. Zack reroutes power. Jefferson searches for a way out. Danny tries to find a way to stop the Ood and Toby has another go at his translations, now the Beast has been in his head it all makes more sense.

Ida decides they might as well absail down into the pit.

Danny finds a way to take down the Ood but they’ll have to get to Ood habitation to do it. Jefferson has a map of maintenance ducts and Zack can manipulate the air to follow them through. They have a plan.

Meanwhile Ida and the Doctor prepare and he descends into the pit.


Danny, Rose, Toby and Jefferson set off through the maintenance ducts. The Ood follow them. Jefferson hangs back to fight off the pursuing Ood but ends up trapped, he asks Zack to remove the last of the air in his section, it seems a more natural way to go than death by Ood. As the last gate opens there are Ood waiting on the other side so they escape above. Toby is last and it seems for a moment that the Ood are going to catch him, but he looks back at them with red eyes and place his fingers to his lips. They let him escape.


In the nick of time Danny activates his Ood stopping plan, blocking their telepathic field. The Ood all collapse.

The Doctor keeps descending until the cable runs out but he’s still not at the bottom. He unclips his harness to drop the remaining distance, whatever it is. Zack manages to patch a signal through but too late for Rose to speak to the Doctor. Instead he talks to Ida, they can’t rescue her, they’re going to have to abandon the base and leave her to die alone.

Rose doesn’t want to leave. She won’t believe that the Doctor is dead, and even if he is, how could she leave him. Zack won’t hear of it and sedates her and carries her to the rocket.

The Doctor regains consciousness at the bottom of the pit. His faceplate is broken but there is air, he can breath.

Rose wakes up just as the rocket takes off.


The Doctor finds the Beast and it’s massive, absolutely colossal. He talks to it but strangely it doesn’t reply. He realises that he’s only looking at the body, the mind is somewhere else. The prison is clever, if the Beast escapes the gravity funnel will collapse and the planet will fall into the black hole. But that’s only his body. The Doctor is about to destroy one of the urns which form the door of the cell when he stops. If he does this he will sacrifice Rose.


Meanwhile Rose is wondering out loud how they escaped, why they escaped when there were so many ways that the Beast could have stopped them. Toby suggests that she just shut up.

The Doctor considers some more and decides that Rose isn’t just a victim in this, he has faith in her, and he smashes one of the urns. The gravity funnel collapses and the rocket starts to tumble back towards the black hole. Toby reverts to red-eyed and written on and starts ranting with the Beast’s voice and breathing fire! Rose shoots out the front window of the rocket and unhooks Toby’s restraints so he’s blown out into space ahead of the rocket, falling in to the black hole.


The Doctor watches the writhing body of the Beast and then backs away, and what should he stumble into but the TARDIS. So, just as everyone on the rocket has given up hope, it suddenly turns around and heads away from the black hole, being towed by the TARDIS. The Doctor swaps Rose for an unconscious Ida and they go their separate ways.

Darth_Namialus : Wow. Just wow. What an amazing episode to end off an amazing arc. The Doctor and Rose both shined in this episode.

What a villian! The Devil himself – the Beast! Although adding religion to a story might be a little risky, this one made so much sense. In most religions of the world there is always that character who embodies evil – the Devil, and the Doctor beat the Devil. That’s awesome. He was also quite scary. I wonder who the disciples of the light were – could they be related to the Ood? Throughout their appearances, the Ood did seem quite mystic.

Rose also stood out in this episode. So loyal to the Doctor, refusing to just allow him to die, and eventually throwing annoying little Toby out of the ship. In fact I liked a lot of the characters here, Ida was nice and Jefferson was pretty interesting.

Overall this arc deserves a 9.5/10 for having an awesome original villain, strong characters, and an overall fun adventure.