Star Trek : The Omega Glory

March 10, 2014 in Guest Blogs, Star Trek by GuestBlogs


A Guest blog by Mindless-Droid

This week’s classic Star Trek episode is The Omega Glory. The episode synopsis is here. The Enterprise finds the starship Exeter in orbit around Omega IV beaming over to the ship the boarding party finds that the crew has been reduced to piles of basic elements by a biological agent brought back from the planet. Accessing the ships log the crew discover that the planet holds immunity to the agent and they quickly beam to the surface.


Upon arriving on the planet Kirk finds the captain of the Exeter Captain Tracey has survived and in a disturbing turn of events Tracy has been violating the prime directive and interfering in a conflict between the Kohms who inhabit the village and the Yangs who roam the country side. Kirk confronts Tracey as to why he has violated the prime directive. Tracey tells Kirk of the long lifespans of the native population and immunity to the biological agent and believes he has found the fountain of youth if they can isolate the immunity factor. Tracey tells kirk that they are trapped there until they can discover the reason for immunity. McCoy finds that the long lifespans are not the result of anything but the native people adapting to their environment and there is no fountain of youth. He also discovers that had the Exeter landing party stayed on the planet a little longer they would have been rendered immune and would have not taken the biological agent back to the ship.


After a confrontation between the Yangs and Kohms in which Kirk refuses Tracey’s demand for phasers, The Yangs take control of the village. As they are imprisoned Kirk and Spock begin to realize that the planet is a parallel of Earth in which the Kohms were the Communists and the Yangs were the Yankees and they fought the world war that earth avoided. Cloud William the leader of the Yangs begins a slurred version of the pledge of allegiance which Kirk recognizes and finishes. The Yangs surprised Kirk know there holy words and tests him. Cloud William ask Kirk to finish his words. Although he is reading the constitution Kirk fails to recognize it due to the way he slurs the words. Tracey trying to turn the Yangs on Kirk says Kirk is evil and will destroy them. The Yangs trying to decide who is telling the truth Tracey or Kirk pit the two captains against each other. While the confrontation is unfolding Spock using a Vulcan mind trick influences Sirah Cloud William’s mate to open one of their communicators contacting the ship, After Kirk gains the upper hand on Tracey and as Sulu arrives for backup he finishes the words Cloud William started winning the Yangs over and he tells them that their holy words are for all the people.


This episode brings up the theory of parallel planet development. We see this in several other episodes. This was a way that the show could tell stories in settings that wouldn’t have to be created as if they would travel to exotic alien worlds and would save on production costs. Instead of having to create sets props and costumes they could use existing sets props and costumes on the paramount lot.

This was also an interesting episode to see what happens to a captain when he loses his crew. We have seen Commodore Decker’s angst and sorrow at the mistake that cost him his crew. He eventually sacrifices himself to redeem his mistake. Here Tracey loses all sense of duty and succumbs to the temptation of the fountain of youth. It was surprising how Tracey a starship captain could crack so severely and violate everything he pledged to stand by.


The re-mastered parts of this episode consist of the standard Enterprise and planet upgrades. You can also see the Exeter in the Enterprise view screen as she approaches the planet. One little note of trivia this episode was submitted for the second pilot along with Mudd’s Women and Where No Man Has Gone Before after The Cage was rejected by the network.