Star Trek : A Private Little War

February 11, 2014 in Guest Blogs, Star Trek by GuestBlogs


A Guest blog by Mindless-Droid

This week’s classic Star Trek episode is A Private Little War. You can read the episode synopsis hear on the official site unfortunately the episode in not available in the video section. This is a very intense episode in which Kirk must make some of the most difficult decisions of his life.

Kirk Spock and McCoy are on a routine scientific research mission on the planet Nueral. Kirk having surveyed the planet thirteen years prior tells Spock of the peaceful people who inhabit the planet in an almost Garden of Eden like paradise. Just then they come across some of the villagers setting an ambush of the hill people and to Kirk’s surprise they are armed with flintlock rifles a weapon far beyond what they should possess. Kirk distracts them by throwing a rock at one of the villagers who then give chase and shoot Spock in the back. The landing [party is beamed back to the ship where McCoy begins working on Spock while a call come in from the bridge that a Klingon ship has just entered into orbit around the planet. Kirk heads to the bridge as the crew keeps the ship from being seen by the Klingons. With his first officer severely wounded the unexpected violence on the planet below and the appearance of the Klingons Kirk must discover what has happened to this once peaceful world.


Kirk and McCoy return to the planet to find Tyree a friend from Kirk’s previous mission leaving Spock in the capable hands of Doctor M’Benga who serve in a Vulcan ward. Shortly after beaming down they are attacked by the ape like Mugato. Kirk having been bitten by the Mugato is taken to the village of his friend Tyree where Tyree’s wife Nona who sees McCoy using his phaser to heat rocks to keep Kirk warm cures him of the Mugato poison. In doing so though Nona who is a Kahn-ut-tu (one of the local witch people) claims that Kirk belongs to her now but Tyree says it is only a legend.


After recovering Kirk and Tyree discuss what has happened. Tyree believes that a peaceful solution can be found and the villagers and hill people will once again live in peace but Nona having seen the power Kirk possesses wants Kirk to give them the advantage so they can defeat the villagers and become more powerful. Kirk refuses and Nona who becomes angry leaves, but Tyree still has faith Kirk will help them in ways she cannot understand.


Kirk asks Tyree to take them to the village on the way kirk and McCoy debate what they must do if in fact the Klingons are interfering and there is no easy answer. Once inside the village they find that the Klingons are indeed furnishing the villagers with arms and influencing their leader to be more aggressive promising him he will be the ruler of the planet as the Klingon governor. Kirk and McCoy are discovered and after a brief skirmish flee the village with one of the flintlocks.


Meanwhile back on the ship Dr. M’Benga tell Nurse Chapel that if Spock speaks she should do whatever he tells her to do. Spock recovers enough to talk and asks Nurse Chapel to strike him she is reluctant but carries out his order. Scotty seeing this stops her but M’Benga rushes in and repeatedly strikes Spock until Spock fully recovered stops him. It is then that M’Benba and Spock tell them that this is a form of Vulcan self-healing.


Back on the planet Kirk shows Tyree and his men how the rifle works. McCoy questions kirk’s balance of power solution where they match whatever the Klingons give the villagers McCoy says that Kirk is under the influence of Nona but Kirk says he wants to keep the sides even and she wanted more power. McCoy and Kirk worry that Tyree will not understand Kirk’s balance of power so Kirk goes to Nona to get her to help him convince Tyree of the solution Nona uses her powers on Kirk to get him to give her the power she wants as kirk falls under her spell Tyree sees them and nearly kills them but throws down the flintlock and walks away It is then that a Mugato attacks they fight off the creature until Kirk kills it with his phaser. Taking advantage of Kirk’s weakened state Nona hits him with a rock and take his phaser.


Nona takes the phaser to the villagers and promises them great power they are not convinced and attack her. Nona is unable to get the phaser to work and as Kirk and Tyree’s men approach the villagers they kill her. A battle ensues in which several villagers are killed one quite unmercifully by Tyree with repeated blows to the head with a rock until Kirk has to stop him. Tyree with revenge in his eye demands more flintlocks from Kirk to gain revenge for the death of his wife. Kirk contacts the ship and although relieved to hear Spock’s voice is distraught over what has happened and his solution to the crisis.