Doctor Who : Rise of the Cybermen

February 12, 2014 in Dr Who by Firebird


A scientist and his boss, John Lumic, discuss their new creation. “Skin of metal, and a body that will never age or die. I envy it.” The scientist points out that they have created a new form of life and it will need to be ratified by Geneva but Lumic says it will be refused and when the scientist insists that it his duty to inform them Lumic orders their creation to kill him which it does.

On the TARDIS it’s clear that Mickey is still very much the outsider with the Doctor and Rose happily reminiscing about adventures they had without him. Then there’s an explosion and something goes very wrong with the TARDIS. They crash and the Doctor declares the TARDIS to be dead. The have fallen out of of the Vortex, through the void and into nothingness, the lost dimension. “Otherwise know as London” says Mickey mockingly from the open door. They go outside and everything looks normal … except for the zeppelins. It’s a parallel world and from a poster it seems that it’s one where Rose’s dad is still alive. But of course it’s NOT her dad which the Doctor is at great pains to point out.


This world’s Pete Tyler pulls up to his mansion and goes inside to find an angry Jackie complaining about the banner for her birthday party. And this world’s Rose … is a dog, literally a dog.

Doctor Who 2006 2x05 Rise of the Cybermen

Lumic calls, he expects Pete to come to a meeting with the President of Great Britain at 5 o’clock, no excuses.

Lumic accesses his computer and orders an EarPod over-ride on Jackline Tyler. He downloads the security arrangements for her party and the layout of the house from her brain.


He then calls one of his minion Mr Crane and tells him that they will need ‘extra staff’.

Mickey is meant to be watching Rose as the Doctor is worried about the temptations of this world but he comes back to see how the Doctor is progressing with the TARDIS. It’s still dark, silent and dead.

Rose is surprised to find that her phone is receiving a news broadcast talking about John Lumic and Cybus Industries just as a zeppelin with the Cybus Industries logo on it flies over.

As the Doctor explains to Mickey how it shouldn’t have been possible to get here and they can’t get back he spots a tiny little green light. They’ve got power!

Meanwhile Mr Crane and his men are on a ‘recruitment drive’ luring homeless men into their truck with the promise of free food. A man is watching and recording what’s going on.

The Doctor locates the source of the light. A tiny power cell. He breaths on it and says that he just gave it ten years of his life “worth every second”. In 24 hours it should be ready to take them home. 24 hour hours on a parallel world. What could possibly go wrong?


Rose has been researching Pete Tyler and found that while he married Jackie they never had children. She wants to see him. The Doctor tries to get Mickey to side with him in dissuading Rose but he takes off with plans of his own.

Pete and the President meet on an airstrip as Lumic’s zeppelin comes in to land.

Rose tells the Doctor about Mickey’s gran who raised him but died four years earlier and then as they walk down a busy street everyone around them stops suddenly. They all have EarPods on. Rose notices that her phone has also been activated, it’s downloading news, lottery numbers, and then a joke. Everyone in the street suddenly laughs and then goes about their business as if nothing had happened.

Mickey’s gran is alive, only her grandson is called Rickey. A van pulls up and the man in it grabs Mickey, they think he’s Ricky, one of their gang.

The President and Pete watch a presentation on Cybus Industries cyber project. The President calls a stop to it. He tells Lumic that the answer is no, his government does not give him permission. Lumic is angry but not greatly surprised. He calls his minion who demonstrates control of the homeless men he grabbed earlier. Lumic orders him to proceed with the upgrades.

Mickey and his two new friends arrive back at their base only to find Ricky already there.

The Doctor and Rose get in to the Tyler mansion by impersonating waiting staff.


Mickey is now being questioned by the gang. They’re more than a little bit puzzled by this inexplicable duplicate. They call themselves the Preachers. They don’t wear EarPods, they consider themselves freedom fighters. The get a message from someone called Gemini. Lumic is making his move and they set off to follow taking Mickey with them.

Rose has a hard time playing the part and not treating Pete and Jackie like her parents. Pete confides in her that his marriage is over without understanding why.

Outside the Preachers watch as the Cybus Industries trucks are unloaded.

Rose tries talking to Jackie in the same way but she gets a much more hostile reaction when she suggests that Pete deserves a second chance.


Meanwhile the Doctor has hacked into a laptop in Pete’s office and found the Cyber project video and he knows what it means. He meets up with Rose again and they watch as Cybermen march towards the house and then burst in through the windows and doors.


The President refuses to be upgraded and is deleted.


As the Cybermen start killing party guests Rose the Doctor and Pete try to escape. The Preachers join them but they are all quickly surrounded and when the Doctor tries to surrender saying that they are willing to be upgraded he is told that they are rouge elements and will be deleted.

And that’s the end of the episode, a classic Doctor Who cliffhanger.

Darth_Namialus : This episode was a really cool idea that was also executed extremely well. We finally see other dimensions with endless possibilities, except this one only has zepellins and other changes, but nothing too drastic. It was nice to see Pete again, I’ve always liked him, and Rose’s reaction was perfect. She really wants her father. And then we see Mickey and his other side, with his grandma. This arc is where he finally goes from that annoying extra character I always disliked to an actual emotional developed character who I grew to care about. As for the villain, Mr. Crane, he was awesome! His voice is so chilling and the actor’s performance was great. I liked the party scene, and the chase that ensues afterwards was so exciting. A perfect cliffhanger – I watched the next episode immediately afterward, because I couldn’t wait! 9/10.