Clone Wars Complete Series Box Set Review

January 3, 2014 in Guest Blogs, The Clone Wars by GuestBlogs

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First off, I want to say that this is definitely the must have for any Clone Wars fan who wants to have all their episodes in one place. That being said, aside from the exclusive art book, there really isn’t anything new about this box set in comparison to the other ones.

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The Box and it’s disc cases are very nicely made. The front of the main box has our heroes (Rex, Cody, Kix, Jesse, Dogma, Yoda, Ahsoka, Anakin & Obi-Wan) and the back features the main villains of The Clone Wars (Dooku, Pre Vizsla, Ventress, Grievous, Maul & Sidious). The disc cases, however, only feature two characters: Rex and Cody. The front of Season 1-3 features Rex and the back features Cody, both in their Phase 1 armor. The front of Season 4-5 has Cody and the back features Rex, both wearing Phase 2 armor. I thought it was a little odd to have Cody there since he really didn’t have much screen time after Season 3 but it still looks great regardless. I have to say, it is strange looking at the old clone armor models. They look so primitive in comparison to the new Phase 2 models.


Now, onto the discs themselves! Every season in this box set is the exact same as it was when it was originally released. Every disc print is the same save for Season 2 Disc 3 which has Mace Windu instead of Ahsoka and Season 5 Disc 2 which replaces Ahsoka with Hondo. Like always, every disc looks great. Although, I am still puzzled as to why they chose Saw for one of the discs. His model is probably one of the worst on the shows. Not to mention he was a very bland character.


As for the features ON the discs themselves, everything is the exact same as when it was originally released. This kind of disappointed me because I always felt that the box sets for every season after 1 was a little bit lacking. But, nevertheless, most of the features are pretty good, even if they aren’t new. Every season features 22 episodes (save for Season 5). The Jedi Archives are a very fun feature and I’m glad they put those in there. The amount of concept & designs that went into this show is amazing. The video commentaries always seem to be a mixed back. Season 1 we got one for every episode while every season after just had them for specific arcs. Season 5 is probably the worst. It seems they downloaded all the video commentaries off of and put them on disc. You can read about it in Firebirds review here.

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Now, onto the good stuff. This box set includes an art book that is exclusive to it. It features artwork from all 5 seasons of The Clone Wars. Detailed character designs, sketches, posters and other artwork is included in this inch thick booklet (Yes, it’s pretty thin). There is a lot of stuff in this book that I haven’t seen before. There is an original helmet design for Commander Wolffe (It’s not his Neyo-style helmet. He was originally going to have a regular Clone helmet!), Concepts for Satine in Mandalorian armor, Multiple Shaak Ti designs (YAY!) Gume Saam designs and much more. I should note that the book features a letter from Dave Filoni talking about Star Wars and how the Clone Wars started.

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Overall, this is a good box set. Not the best, but not horrible given the circumstances Disney put Lucasfilm in. I wish we could have seen what would have been had Disney not come in but I don’t want to dwell. It’s sad to see the show go but we do still have additional arcs coming in early 2014 and Star Wars Rebels after that. So cheer up and keep calm and May The Force Be With You!