Doctor Who – The Doctor’s Wardrobe and screwdrivers

November 23, 2013 in Dr Who, Guest Blogs by GuestBlogs

A guest blog by Master Kenobi-Wan

Each regeneration brings a new Doctor. Along with a new face and personality, he comes with a unique outfit and that’s something that interests me, the Doctor’s rather bizarre sense of fashion. And let’s not forget the different tools and gadgets we’ve seen throughout the series like the iconic sonic screwdrivers and psychic paper.

1st Doctor (William Hartnell) – The start of Doctor Who. An older man with slicked back hair and an outfit that reflected his age. Dress shirt, tweedy waistcoat and trousers, long dress coat, and a bow tie. Nothing too flashy here but it works for the Doctor. The 1st Doctor’s screwdriver wasn’t anything fancy either. Basically a silver rod with a light at the end. But this is just the beginning.

1stDoctor 1stdoctor2

2nd Doctor (Patrick Troughton) – The second incarnation of the Doctor and a bit more clownish. Messy hair, a shirt that’s a bit too big, baggy plaid pants, battered dress jacket and a bow tie. At a glance, the outfit might look similar to the 1st Doctor’s but it’s still different. The 2nd Doctor keeps the same screwdriver as the 1st but now he carries a recorder around with him too…

2ndDoctor Doc2Sonic

3rd Doctor (Jon Pertwee) – Mr. Fancy Pants… Curly hair, frilly shirt with frilly cuffs and large collar. Also wears a rich, velvety jacket. The 3rd Doctor actually had a few of these jackets in different colors like dark greens, reds and blues. Additionally, he wore dark colored pants and polished shoes. Now the 3rd Doctor had a new sonic screwdriver that was much different from the simple silver rod of the first two Doctors. It was a bit bigger with red, black, and yellow stripes on it. It also featured a circular red bit at the top. Pretty interesting design if you ask me.

3rddoctor2 3rddoctorscrewdriver

4th Doctor (Tom Baker) – I hear that Tom Baker/The 4th Doctor is a lot of people’s favorite Doctor from the Classic Who or even the entire Doctor Who series. Perhaps it’s something about his crazy scarf… Yes, the 4th Doctor was all about accessories. He wore a long striped scarf and a big felt hat (and carried around jelly babies) This version of the Doctor also had curly hair, a bit like the 3rd but darker in color. The 4th Doctor also wore a simple shirt, sometimes a neckerchief or cravat, plaid waistcoat, medium-length or calf length coat in different colors like deep red or brown with tan elbow patches, and plaid pants. The 4th Doctor’s outfit is probably my first or second favorite outfit the Doctor wore in Classic Who. This Doctor had a different sonic screwdriver as well. It was very similar to the 3rd Doctor’s but the yellow and black striping was removed and the silver piece in the red circular bit was larger.

4thdoctor 4thdoctorscrewdriver

5th Doctor (Peter Davison) – This was probably my favorite look for the Doctor. The 5th Doctor had long hair, wore a long-sleeved white shirt with red question marks on the collar (implying the title of Doctor Who), a white cricket jumper with colored piping, a beige calf length coat with red piping, and tan and red striped pants held in place by suspenders. Interestingly, the 5th Doctor did not have a sonic screwdriver (except briefly having the 4th Doctor’s until it was destroyed) Instead, he had a cricket back and a stick of celery on his coat. Yes. A stick of celery. On his coat.

5thdoctor 5thSonic

6th Doctor (Colin Baker) – I think the 6th Doctor had one of the funkiest costumes out of the entire series. But it’s not bad, not at all. Not necessarily my favorite outfit but it’s interesting and feels like something the Doctor would wear, at least to me. Well we’re back to the curly hair for the 6th Doctor. It looks kind of like the 4th Doctor’s but lighter in color. Also this Doctor has the red question marks on the collar of shirt much like the 5th. He wore a burgundy waist coat too and yellow pants with a black pinstripe. Now his coat is probably the thing that stands out the most. (yes, even more than the pants) The 6th Doctor’s coat consists of basically a bunch of different fabrics patched together. It’s interesting to say the least. And still no sonic screwdriver but a multicolored umbrella should do, right?

6thdoctor 6thdoctor2

7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) – The Doctor that breaks the red question marks on white shirt collar trend. Instead he has a yellow sweater covered in red question marks and an umbrella with a question mark handle… Personally, I was fine with the little question marks on the collars and I don’t really feel the need to make the Doctor seem super mysterious by covering him with question marks… But on to the rest of his clothing. The 7th Doctor wore a basic white dress shirt, the yellow sweater I mentioned before, a cream or off-white coat, and plaid pants. He also wore a normal necktie and normal shoes unlike some of the previous Doctors who had fairly odd ones. Once again, no sonic screwdriver just like the previous two doctors. Instead he has a panama hat, paisley scarf, paisley handkerchief, a fob watch and the aforementioned umbrella.

7thdoctor 7thdoctor2

8th Doctor (Paul McGann) – Now we take a look at the 8th Doctor who (see what I did there…) appeared in the 1996 Doctor Who movie. I believe this Doctor has the longest hair of any Doctor so far. It’s alright if you ask me but I think I liked his shorter hair in “The Night of the Doctor” more. As for his clothing, he wears a white shirt with high collars. No question marks this time. In fact there are no question marks on him anywhere (thank goodness..) He also has a cravat, a silky and embroidered waistcoat and grey pants held up by suspenders. I think this costume is pretty cool. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it but with a closer look at it, I think It’s probably my third favorite outfit from before the revived series time or something. As for accessories, he has a fob watch and a sonic screwdriver. Yes! Finally the screwdriver returns. It looks a bit fancy with all the gold and the blue tip but I think it matches the 8th Doctor.

Actor Paul McGann Dressed as Dr. Who # 8 8thscrewdriver

9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) – Moving onto the Doctors of the revived series, the 9th Doctor has a bit more simple and tough look to him. His close cropped hair is the shortest we’ve seen for any of the Doctors. His coat is a lot different from previous Doctors as it’s a battered leather jacket with big lapels. Also no more dress shirts but instead, solid color v-neck shirts in dark colors like burgundy or navy blue and he wears black uniform pants. No ties, no hats, nothing. As I said before, the outfit is a lot simpler compared to previous ones but I still like it. And the only accessories he has are his sonic screwdriver which has changed yet again. Now it’s a silver rod with a blue light at the top. Also he keeps psychic paper with him.

9thdoctor 9thdoctorscrewdriver

10th Doctor (David Tennant) – Oh yes! A favorite of many people including myself. The 10th Doctor sports a fauxhawk which looks like it takes quite a while to do… Also, he usually wears a dress shirt in different colors (dark), a dark colored tie with some swirly patterns on it, and a brown pinstripe suit. He also wears a blue suit just like the brown one sometimes. Personally I prefer the brown one. Over that, he can be seen wearing a tan overcoat and Converse shoes. (cream with the brown suit, red with the blue) Now, accessories! Same sonic screwdriver to get out of fixes. Psychic paper too if the screwdriver isn’t enough. This Doctor also occasionally wears glasses. (sometimes 3D glasses…)

10thdoctor 10thdoctorscrewdriver

11th Doctor (Matt Smith) – The latest incarnation of the Doctor and probably my favorite or second favorite Doctor in the series. So. Hair. In season 5, the 11th Doctor’s hair was kind of long and messy but in later seasons it got a bit shorter. It’s pretty much a side-parting that’s grown out a bit. As for clothes, in earlier series he wears light colored dress shirts, a tweed jacket, tight black pants, black boots and a bow tie (because they’re cool) in either red or TARDIS blue. Also his suspenders match the color of his bow tie. Then in later seasons, they changed his outfit a little. The tweed jacket was replaced by a dark colored frock coat and he started wearing a waistcoat as well. The bow tie was also in a darker color. I think I liked the first outfit more and that’s what I imagine when I think 11th Doctor. Not saying the second one is bad though. I like them all. And for gadgets and accessories, he has the same psychic paper but the screw driver has changed once more. Now there’s more gold on it and the blue light is replaced by a green one. Also it has little claws at the end… Probably my favorite screwdriver.

DOCTOR WHO S7 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 11thdoctorscrewdriver

So yeah, that’s me going over all the Doctors’ outfits and screwdrivers and sharing my opinions on them.