Doctor Who: Aliens of London

October 16, 2013 in Dr Who by Firebird

After their quick trips to the future and the past The Doctor takes Rose home … but oops, she’s been gone a bit longer than the 12 hours that the Doctor says. More like 12 months! Naturally Rose’s mum has been beside herself and it’s made worse because Rose can’t tell her where she’s been.


As Rose talks to the Doctor about being the only person on Earth who knows about aliens a spaceship flies over, clips Big Ben and lands in the Thames. The Doctor thinks this is extremely funny.

With roads blocked off the Doctor and Rose return home to watch coverage on TV. An alien body is recovered from the wreckage.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister is missing, along with his entire cabinet leaving a minor member of the government Joseph Green as acting PM. He’s joined by two bureaucrats Margaret Blaine and Oliver Charles.

Finally curiosity overcomes him and The Doctor sneaks off to take a look.

Harriet Jones, a timid back bench MP campaigning for a minor rule change for cottage hospitals, stumbles onto the Emergency Protocols left in a committee room and starts to read.

The scientist examining the alien corpse gets a nasty shock when it turns out not to be dead after all. Sadly this is a short lived state of affairs because a soldier shoots it.


Caught in the committee room Harriet hides in a cupboard where she watches in horror as the gang of three kill General Asquith, skin him and then one of them puts on the skin, discarding it’s Oliver Charles disguise.


The crashed alien is a pig which someone has faked up but using alien technology. Aliens faking aliens? What’s going on?

In a panic Rose’s mum phones a contact number for alien sightings and the combination of “The Doctor” and “TARDIS” sets off alarm bells.


Aboard the TARDIS the Doctor works out that the alien spaceship was launched from Earth.

Stepping from the TARDIS The Doctor, Rose and Mickey find themselves in the spotlight, literally. Mickey runs off but The Doctor and Rose are whisked away to 10 Downing Street for a meeting of experts on aliens. Harriet offers to look after Rose while the Doctor is in the meeting. She tearfully tells Rose what she saw.

Meanwhile the Doctor is explaining to everyone that the crash is a fake and wondering out loud why anyone would do it … then he realises, what they want is the experts all in one place. It’s a trap.

Harriet and Rose find the body of the Prime Minister stuffed in a stationary cupboard. Before they can do much about it they are cornered by ‘Margaret Blaine’ who strips off her human skin and kills a bossy parliamentary aid.

Rose’s mum is in danger too. The police officer who is questioning her turns out to be a disguised alien too!

The Doctor is right it’s a trap and the identity badges that everyone was handed are activated.


And so the episode ends with a bit of a cliffhanger. Everyone is in immediate peril.

Over all this one reminded my a fair bit of the old Doctor Who because the Slitheen are really old style monsters.

Darth_Namialus : I really enjoyed the episode and the one that followed. I always like the episodes set in the present the most because of the larger amount of characters, which makes you wonder.. What were characters like Sarah Jane Smith, Martha Jones, and Donna Noble doing there? Something fun to think about.

One thing that stood out to me here was Harriet Jones. Although a controversial character in later episodes, she really shined in this one and fit alongside the Doctor and Rose. It was nice to see Mickey and Jackie again and how Rose’s travels affected them back home, especially Mickey’s feelings. And because we love them.

The trap the Slitheens set was also nicely done, but I didn’t really like the designs of them. Margaret was hilarious but the Slitheens themselves too me weren’t that great. They were disgusting and didn’t look like smart aliens at all.

Despite the ”meh” villains, this episode still stands out to me in Season One. 7.9/10 for fun characters, interesting plot, but meh villains. The next episode is an improvement, though!