Clone Wars, Memorable Moments

September 25, 2013 in Guest Blogs, SaveTheCloneWars, The Clone Wars by GuestBlogs

A guest blog by Mindless-Droid

Since it seems that the EIFS6 will not be being released anytime soon I thought I’d look back and pick out some of my favorite and most memorable moments of The Clone Wars. Whether they be dramatic, emotional, funny, references to the movies or even some Easter eggs The Clone Wars gave us five great seasons of fun and Star Wars. We’ll start with seasons one through three (With all the cool stuff the blog was getting a bit long so I divided it up) here are some of the moments I remembered and please feel free to add any I missed in the comment section because like they say “There are too many of them” to remember.

The “You’re reckless little one” scene from the movie will probably always be my favorite not just for the scene itself but knowing Anakin’s future you got the feeling that the show would have to become darker and more dramatic as they got closer to ROTS.


Arriving at Teth and the R2-KT cameo for Katie Johnson
Yoda in Ambush pulling the lightsabers from Ventress’ hands and telling her “Strong you are with the dark side young one but not that strong”
Ahsoka sensing Plo Koon reaching out to her with the force and the Star Wars theme playing in the background and how they did the sound and effects when the Ion weapon on the Malevolence exploded.
Droid “Ah do we take prisoners” Hevy “I don’t”
Space battles like in Downfall of a Droid Storm over Ryloth ARC Troopers
Ventress versus Luminara ”Do you think you still be able to call on the force after I’ve separated your head from your body?” another sign that the show would become darker and more dramatic


Hondo (Dooku did have a long memory)
Kit Fisto versus Grievous
George Takei becoming the first Trek Wars crossover actor
Ahsoka eating one of those chalk sticks like Luke had on Dagobah
The Defoliator tank
The Talz
Innocents of Ryloth will always be special to me because my father often told me a story of when he was in Italy in World War II and his unit found a lost little girl and they protected her till they could get her to safety
“Nara it means brother”
Mace Windu using the force at the bridge on Ryloth and everything gets quiet and almost slows down and did you see the arc of the covenant?
Cad Bane


Those moments between Anakin and Ahsoka as in Cargo of Doom Weapons Factory and Wookie Hunt when you watch and in the back of your mind you know that it can’t end well ( I believe if the show had continued there would have been more to the story)
The second battle of Geonosis the landing and ground battle


The explosion of the weapons factory you get a nice breeze from the surround sound with the volume turned up
Dee Bradley Bakers freaky Queen Karina and those brain worms
Obi-Wan and Anakin’s banter in the Queen’s chamber “I decided to follow Anakin and not follow orders” “I say the nose” “Study the bottom of my boot”
The galley scene Barriss’ food and tray all lined up and in perfect order and Ahsoka’s all scattered about and a little foreshadowing “Master Windu says we are keepers on the peace not warriors”
Hint of the Imperial march when Anakin goes to interrogate Poggle just as when he kills Merrick in Voyage of Temptation and Anakin throwing his lightsaber at the spider droid just like when he throws it at Luke in ROTJ
Admiral Trench and hopefully we’ll get to see that “spiders are hard to kill”
Hondo “Speak softly and drive a big tank”
Zillo beast and Rex ”Most of the generals plans involve falling”


Boba Fett background story Plo in the bar “Would you like to try and prove your theory”
99 telling Hevy “Not to me to me you’ve always had a name”
Seeing the animation improve each season as in Shaak Ti starting out season three
Ahsoka’s visions of the future if the show continued would she have had them about Anakin


“Your assassin eliminate her”
Obi “Ventress you’re not looking well” Anakin “She never does” cool space battle too
“Take me to Dathomir” “Nothing there but fog and witches”
“We don’t like strangers” Ventress” I’m not a stranger” Nightsister “Prepare to die”
Ventress’ evolution and a glimpse at her backstory when the background turns red as she kills the pirate with hate and revenge
The attack on Dooku. “You can sense him” “I can smell his stench a parsec away”
Ventress in the escape pod. You knew her path would be different it seemed as if she was thinking what has all this lust for revenge gotten me.
A hint of Maul
Mortis visions Qui-Gon and Ahsoka’s future?
Dark Ahsoka and a shout out to ESB when Anakin spins Ahsoka’s lightsaber out of her hand just as he will do to Luke.
A brief glimpse of what Vader would look like Clone Wars style and a little Imperial march as Anakin boards the shuttle
Captain Tarkin Carbon freeze and Osi Sobeck were I got my name “Mindless droids initiate all security protocols….”


Echo dies leaving five the sole survivor of Domino squad
Of course The Nexus Route
Wolfpack and the amazing environments in the season finale.
Kalifa’s death very sad
O’mer “What is that” Ahsoka “It’s a wookie” The crystal skull was in this one
The landing pad scene in Wookie Hunt was the happy ending that we wouldn’t get.