Star Wars Nostalgia, a Look to the Past and Future

September 22, 2013 in Guest Blogs, SaveTheCloneWars, The Clone Wars by GuestBlogs

A guest blog by Maverick-Valen


For years I was in love with the Star Wars films, so when I heard they were making a fully animated series between the films, it was only natural for me to feel the excitement as I had for when Episode III was released. With the show being based in the Clone Wars, I felt it to be familiar territory, for this wasn’t the first attempt at a Star Wars TV show. I can clearly recall the Clone Wars mini-series, but that’s all it was really. A mini-series that had some great moments, but offered so little content due to its length. With Star Wars The Clone Wars it was the total opposite in animation, time length and story. Although, unlike Clone Wars, where I simply watched it on Cartoon Network, the only way for me to see The Clone Wars episodes was through Youtube. Yet the contents of the show easily made up for sitting on a hard wooden chair in a small room. The adventure, the excitement and the animation just made the show such a treat to watch. Of course, like anyone else I had to go through the agonizing wait for the next season, but it always paid off in the end. With every season the episodes got better and better. Like an aspiring long distance runner going farther and farther. And for more than four years it made my weekend.

Now I can’t say I entirely preferred the show to the films, (though it does come darn close) but not a day goes by where I feel a little torn. There are so many stories that had such amazement and at times bewildered me. The return of Darth Maul was indeed one of them. Every episode he was in was nothing short of a sci-fi masterpiece. In fact looking back, you can see that almost the entire movie cast had some sort of appearance in the show and I love that.


Once season 5 ended however, there was no more big wait till September. No season 6 being advertised on Cartoon Network. No big trailers at any conventions. With Episode VII being made, the show was pretty much killed off in favour of the new trilogy. What’s sad for me is that The Clone Wars was on my now short list of TV shows I love to watch, but still continue with new seasons. Now though, without it, the list gets smaller. The worst part is, unlike some shows that end with so few cliff hangers, The Clone Wars had a number of them. Too many to simply say “Well, it’s obvious what happens after that, so there’s no point in making an episode about that.” No, there were just simply too great a number of stories that should have been wrapped up.

But maybe I’m being a negative Nancy over all of this. I mean, what will the future bring? Well, it was good news when I heard of the Bonus Content episodes being made, but again, there just didn’t seem like enough episodes to fully end the show without leaving so many loose ends. I am grateful they are making a last batch of them, it just irritates me that they announce such episodes and don’t ever announce how we are going watch them and when we’re going to watch them. Although, when I get past my frustrations I see some hope. The new show Star Wars Rebels has given me hope that it will continue the Clone Wars in a loose way and I can’t say I’m not excited for the new trilogy.


So in conclusion, I am still sad that this glorious cartoon ended, but for me I’ve just got to keep looking forward like any writer would. Unless they write about the past that is. Though it’s been nearly five years since we first saw Star Wars The Clone Wars and it’s lasted more then a hundred episodes, we still lust for more. It’s one of those shames you hope can be made up for with what’s coming next. So on that note, I thank everyone who worked on the show. From George Lucas, to Dave Filoni. From editors, to animators. I thank you all for giving us all Star Wars stories on the screen again.