The Clone Wars, a Lost Future

September 21, 2013 in Guest Blogs, SaveTheCloneWars, The Clone Wars by GuestBlogs

A guest blog by Mindless-Droid

This week would have probably been the season six premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and as we all know that is not going to happen. I thought it would be an appropriate time to look back and see just where we are in regards to the show and the so called “bonus content” which for the rest of this blog will be referred to as EIFS6 (episodes intended for season 6).


It was October 30th 2012 that the news broke of the sale of Lucasfilm to the Disney company. At the time it seemed like a good deal but as just as Lando found out we as Clone Wars fans would find out that this deal would get worse.

We as fans were engrossed in season 5 while starting off with a few hit and miss episodes they really raised the bar with the final two arcs. It was during this time near the end of the season that speculation started on were the next season would air. By all indication especially following the cast and crew on social media that season six was well into production. Cast members James Arnold Taylor and Stephen Stanton were sharing on twitter and Facebook that they were going to voice sessions. The initial speculation centered on Disney XD as an outlet but as time went on with no announcement and no season six trailer during the season finale concern started to sink in.

It was late February that RebelForce Radio I believe was one of the first outlets that started to hear rumors of the shows cancellation and started the Save The Clone Wars campaign. Many of us wrote e-mails and letters sent tweets and left voice mail in hopes that one the rumors were false and two that if they were true, we could help sway the decision makers into continuing the show. Alas it was for not as on as on March 11 the announcement was made that “The Clone Wars would be winding down” The announcement was officially made by Dave Filoni here. Along with this announcement we were told that there would be more Clone Wars to follow and a very interesting preview was shown in the video with Tup killing a Jedi foreshadowing order 66 and a very cool looking cyborg Admiral Trench. I guess spiders are hard to kill. (God that is why this show was so much fun)


With the preview and using the term “bonus content” a term which I view as a slick marketing device to get fans to believe that all was not lost and it was business as usual, it seemed that there would be many episodes to come but as time went on it became more evident that this was not to be the case. Although in early May we received another preview for the EIFS6 a very cool clip featuring Master Plo and a mysterious lightsaber that Dave would reveal to be Master Sifo-Dyas’ This clip was also released on Speculation continued up until mid-May when at Star Wars Weekends a third clip was shown during the Behind the Force: Star Wars Voices show featuring Ashley Eckstien, James Arnold Taylor, and Dee Bradley Baker. This clip introduced by Dave Filoni on video, featured Yoda with the help of Anakin escaping from a Jedi hospital. Although previewed at the events four weekends this one has not shown up on which seems quite odd.


The rest of the summer during which there was Celebration Europe and San Diego Comic Con yielded relatively little news, although Dave Filoni would host a Clone Wars panel at CE II it was lacking in any details and no official announcement on how when where and how many of the EIFS6 would be released. It is now almost October and there has been no further news on the EIFS6. The only thing that has been rumored is a release on Apple TV but that rumor died as quickly as it surfaced and if you’ve been following any episode seven news you know these rumors are to be taken lightly and with many grains of salt.


So where does this leave us. First off there has been no mention of the Clovis arc that was previewed in the season five trailer, had episode names listed in the Insider, and previewed at last year’s star Wars Weekends with the Embo snowboarding on his hat clip and let’s not forget Clone Commander Thorn who was probably in the arc as well. There has been no talk of this arc since then and the only way I see it seeing the light of day is as real bonus content on the season 5 DVD release and I think that that is a long shot. In a recent interview on Rebel Force Radio Tom Kane seemed to confirm only two four part arcs for the EIFS6 even though he said that they had voiced almost all of season six. You can listen to the show here .This seems to confirm what Dee Bradley Baker said to me at Star Wars weekends that it would be two arcs. At the time I didn’t want to make a big deal about it (or believe it) cause it was close to when they cancelled it and would he really know (which I’m starting to believe that they all do know) but it seems that’s what it is. Some of the speculation about the preview clips had up to fifteen episodes coming out of them but as we have seen in the past the trailers can be deceiving. Think how other previews showed scenes that although different ended up being in the same arc like the battle over Cato Neimoidia was in the Ahsoka arc not an arc itself or the scene with the Wolf pack being in the droid episode. Trailers can be deceptive.

I really hope that I’m wrong in my conclusions and that whoever is in charge will allow more of the great work of the cast and crew of Star Wars: The Clone Wars to be seen if not in completed episodes maybe in comic or book form or at least allow us to see as much of the concept art and story lines that they had been working on. If only two more arcs are released it would be an unfitting ending to a great show and leave many questions and character’s fates unanswered.