Celebration Europe II

August 18, 2013 in Guest Blogs, Star Wars by GuestBlogs

A guest blog by Hevy782


So every year or so there’s a big Star Wars Celebration that makes younger fans beg their parents to take them and older fans beg their employer for a pay rise.

I was one of the lucky ones who got to go to a Celebration this year and there was never a dull moment, even while waiting in line thanks to Angry Bird Star Wars.

But anyway, the panels were great and I got to go to a lot of them. At the behind the scenes stage I went to the Clone Wars panel and a fair bit of news came out of that (no new clip though, they just repeated the Yoda one from Star Wars Weekends). We got to see Cad Bane’s new ship (yes, that means a Bounty Hunter arc is on the way) and a Sith Temple. Tusken Raiders will appear along with a chief. Also, Ex-Chancellor Valorum will appear too and will still be on Coruscant.

We also got a look at arcs we won’t be seeing like a Wookie arc on with some cool new Clone Troopers and we would have gotten to see the lower depths of Kassyyk’s forests which can be very dangerous. Also there was to be a Ventress arc which she would have grown hair in and her story would’ve gotten very dramatic.

We got a fair bit of news about Star Wars Rebels along with some pictures of what the show will probably look like. It’s similar to Clone Wars only less angular and very much like Ralph’s concepts for the original movies. I’m quite looking forward to it and I even got to ask Dave whether we’ll see Han and Chewwy on a smuggling run, he simply replied that I’ll have to wait and see and gave me an awesome TV shirt.


The experience overall was a great one but it was a bit crowded, especially on the Saturday. So to sum up the weekend it was great fun with a lot of awesome people dedicated to Star Wars.