Farscape: I, E.T.

August 17, 2013 in Farscape by Firebird

With her restraining collar gone a Peacekeeper homing beacon starts broadcasting from Moya. Leviathans it seems are originally wild creatures which the Peacekeepers capture and modify to use as transport ships. Pilot explains that during these modifications the ship is drugged which is why he didn’t know about the beacon.

In an attempt to muffle the signal they land in a bog. This works but the crew still face the problem of removing the beacon which will cause Moya a lot of pain, maybe even kill her, and do it before she is crushed by her own weight. It turns out that there is a substance on the planet which can be used as an anaesthetic and Crichton, D’Argo and a reluctant Aeryn go in search of it.


Early on there’s a Star Wars reference when Crichton says that the planet is like Degobah and of course Aeryn has no idea what he’s talking about. Unfortunately the planet is inhabited and the locals aren’t all friendly. Crichton becomes separated from the others and ends up on a farm where he meets a little boy Fostro and his mother Lyneea whose life’s work has been searching for signs of alien life (the clue is in the massive radio telescope in her back yard). Naturally she’s thrilled but quickly recognises that if she reports that there’s an alien in her house he will not be treated well.


Back on Moya Zhaan and Rygel start trying to disconnect the beacon, with Rygel cutting and Zhaan sharing Moya’s pain.

While Lyneea hides Crichton, D’Argo who was looking for him, is captured by the local military.


The operation continues back on Moya, with a returned Aeryn helping Zhaan.

Lyneea uses a transmission from Moya to trick most of the military into leaving and Crichton overpowers the two remaining guards and rescues D’Argo. Together they say their goodbyes and return to Moya with a couple of bags of the substance that they went looking for.


With the beacon removed and the painkiller administered Moya is able to take off.


It’s not just Clone Wars that has episodes shown out of order. “I, E.T.” is listed as season 1 episode 2 and certainly makes sense as such, but originally aired after episode 6.

Written By: Sally Lapiduss
Directed By: Pino Amenta