Star Wars: The Clone Wars – My thoughts on the show and its characters

August 16, 2013 in Guest Blogs, The Clone Wars by GuestBlogs

A guest blog by KitFistoRulz1


When I first heard of the clone wars I was just amazed. Back in 2008 when the Clone Wars opening film came out I bought it on DVD and watched it. I thought that it was a great movie. Before watching it I had only seen the original 6 films twice and I wasn’t much of a Star Wars fan. Let me just say that TCW film changed my life. Ahsoka was an amazing character and I could really relate to the other characters as well.

About a year passed after that and I didn’t even know that a series was going on. One day I was sitting on the couch and watching the TV when Lair of Grievous was playing. I had no idea what this show was but as I watched it the animation, the characters, effects and the amazing lightsaber duels sucked me in. I was drawn into the amazing show. I looked it up on the internet and found out that it was the first season of The Clone Wars. About a month after that it started to play on Cartoon network every Friday night. I would come home from school and just wait for 5:00pm for when the show started. It was truly the best show ever.

When season 2 began I continued to watch it on cartoon network. I would spend hours talking to my friends at school about the show and it bought me many great days.

At the start of season 3 I discovered the chat pages on That would have to be one of the best days in my whole life. It was so because it was the day that I met all of you guys, other Star Wars fans. Since then I have been watching the show online which is usually about a year before the show airs on TV here in Australia. Some of the best conversations I have ever had about Star Wars have happened on


At the moment when the costume changes for our three main characters Anakin, Obi Wan and Ahsoka happened I believe the show had reached its high point. The animation, the dialogue and simply just the story lines were amazing. I became so involved and attached to the show to the point where after the first or second part of an arc had occurred I would be dying to know what would happen next. Not all the episodes were great but not once did I give up on the show. Especially when they bought us amazing story lines like the Savage, Ventress, Maul one.

When the Clone Wars team announced that the show would be winding up and coming to an end I was so upset. This show has been and still is my life for over 4 years. Whenever I feel sad or upset I will re watch an old episode and it will let me forget my problems.

The most emotional scene of the show for me would be the final scene to “The Wrong Jedi” I have never ever cried watching any movie or TV series in my whole life but that final scene with Ahsoka made me feel so sad that I cried. It was like I was really there in the show. Ahsoka has been there next to me for the past 5 years of my life. Most weeks when I watched the show she was there and I saw as she developed from a small child of 14 to a 17 year old woman. Now I know that this is not real life and just fiction but it truly was one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking scenes of TV that I have ever seen. Now to move onto some of my favourite characters in the show. I’ve already mentioned Ahsoka so I’ll talk about some of the others.


Firstly Asajj Ventress. At first I found her to be an evil character and I really disliked her but as the seasons rolled on and her character developed my thoughts on her changed. I think it was sometime during the episode “Nightsisters” that I realized she is not only what she seems to be. She wasn’t evil but just lost and misguided. She had lost so many parental figures and she had no idea where to go next. “Massacre” was a very emotional episode for Ventress. This is where she truly realized that she was alone. From here on I just loved her character which is why I hope for the show to give her the proper ending that she deserves or at least include her in Star Wars Rebels.


Secondly Savage Opress and Darth Maul. Savage was never evil from the start. I feel sorry for him as his life was decided for him by Mother Talzin and Darth Maul. He was just a Nightbrother from Dathomir and his life was taken from him. When Savage dies in “The Lawless” you could see the depth of his relationship with Maul. Maul might have shown that all he means to him is an apprentice and nothing else but here he displays the love for his brother. Similarly to Savage Maul’s life was also decided for him. This is the reason why I don’t see him as being evil. All Maul wanted to do was to give himself a purpose and a reason to exist. He felt betrayed by everyone including his Master and he wanted vengeance for that. He wanted Obi Wan to pay for what he did to him all those years ago. The one thing that I find ironic is that back in “The Phantom Menace” Maul made Obi Wan watch him helplessly as he killed Qui Gon right in front of him. Well the same thing happened in “The Lawless” Maul watched helplessly as Sidious killed Savage. At that moment Maul was feeling the same way Obi Wan would have felt when Qui Gon died. This is why I love these characters.


I obviously like many other characters as well but If I were to describe how I felt about all of them it would take forever. This is why I have decided to end my blog with a small memory of my favourite Jedi, Kit Fisto.
Kit Fisto is my ultimate favourite Star Wars character for many reasons. He is one of the kindest, funniest Jedi in the show. Even in battle he seems to be able to make jokes. He is an awesome lightsaber duelist and he doesn’t let his emotions get to him. He is a Jedi that many others look up to. That smile of his is what sold him to me. Any Star Wars series and movie that has got Kit Fisto in it is a winner for me.

So now I will conclude my blog with a farewell to the show that has kept me entertained for the past 5 years of my life. It has been and always will be a part of my life and I will never forget the people who created this show and the characters in it. It was more than just a series, it was a escape from reality. Farewell Star Wars the Clone Wars. You will never be forgotten. May the Bonus Content perfectly end your contribution to the Star Wars galaxy.

Also something else I should add. If you watch the following episodes in order you will find it very enjoyable. Nightsisters, Monster, Witches of the Mist, Massacre, Bounty, Brothers, Revenge, Revival, Eminence, Shades of Reason and The Lawless.

May the Force be With You all.