The Next Doctor

August 4, 2013 in Dr Who by Firebird


It seems that a lot of news outlets are going to live blog the big announcement of the identity of the 12th Doctor and I thought, why not do the same? 🙂

6:46 (T-16) Better sort out some snacks 😉

6:59 Glad I stayed away from Twitter, enough insane speculation is being passed on without seeing it directly!

7:02 Off topic but CBBC is embarrassingly BAD … OK maybe BBC One is almost as bad 🙁

7:12 I’m enjoying the inevitable filler 😀

7:13 “He” – thank goodness!

7:16 Notice how the audience did NOT cheer when Zoe suggested a female Doctor? See, the idea is just *that* popular with fans.

7:20 Bernard Cribbins is THE MAN!

7:22 “I’ll get my coat” 😆 but nice t-shirt

7:26 Squueeeeeeeee …….

7:27 Peter Capaldi


7:31 Well let’s face it, they could hardly go any younger. Thankfully I don’t have any preconceptions because I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything, except that Dr Who story.