Star Trek: Court Martial

July 30, 2013 in Guest Blogs, Star Trek by Firebird

A guest blog by Siblings and Mindless-Droid

“All of my old friends look like doctors, all of his look like you.” – Doctor McCoy to Shaw (Sister’s favorite quote from the episode.)


And we’re back for this week’s OS Star Trek blog; it’s good to be once again in friendly Federation space let us tell you, but no one is supposed to know that we were on a secret mission into the Romulan Neutral Zone, so shhhhhhh. This week’s episode is “Court Martial.” You can read the synopsis here and watch it here

Thanks to our co-blogger Mindless Droid for handling it on his own last week, he did a great job. We always enjoy reading what he has to say, and are fortunate to have him and his knowledge for this blog series.

Sister: I like to see that even in the 23rd century a few people still prefer to read paper and ink books. My bedroom is usually strewn with 10 to 20 books at all times, and I have 14 boxes of books in there also, so I like Cogley right off. Although it seems like a little thing, in a futuristic world like Star Trek, it is running into a little piece of home. The second thing I think after seeing this show is to wonder if the makers of Star Trek had a low opinion of children and teenagers. Consider “And the Children Shall Lead” and “Miri,” hardly flattering portrayals, and here we have a highly emotional girl trying to punch Captain Kirk in her anger and grief. Maybe I am just over sensitive, but I don’t like that, I wouldn’t act that way. What do you think Spock did to calm Jame down after he steered her out of the Commodore’s office? Hardly something it seems he would be good at. Finally, perhaps my favorite scene is when Kirk first enters the bar and is talking with his Academy buddies, who have all concluded the worst about him. Watching him smile as he pushes them to at least be up front and open about what they think, as Dr. McCoy is trying to let the subject drop, it’s interesting, no that’s not the word I’m looking for; perhaps it simply seems like an unusual situation for Kirk. Oh, Is this the only show we see the captain working in one of the Jefferies tubes?


Brother: Due to helping set up an old and fragile desk, I missed the first two thirds of the show, so I don’t have much to say. Kirk’s shirt sure is fragile. And why didn’t the microphones powerful enough to pick up people’s heartbeats pick up all the noises made by the Enterprise?

Some trivia and notes: This episode contains the only appearance of the female version of the Starfleet Dress Uniform. Speaking of Starfleet, “Court Martial” is the first time it is mentioned, along with Starfleet Command. This episode also marks the Enterprise’s first visit to a star base. And if you care to know, the list of Kirk’s achievements before the computer was instructed to stop reads as follows, “Palm Leaf of Axanar Peace Mission, Grankite Order or Tactics, Prentares Ribbon of Commendation (Classes First and Second), Award for Valor, Medal of Honor, Silver Palm with Cluster, Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry, Karagite Order of Heroism…”

Next week, “Return of the Archons”

TrekCourtMartial2 trekcourtmshaw

Mindless-Droid: Welcome back Siblings hope the mission I mean “shore leave” was a success and thanks for the kind words. Court Martial was not one of my favorite episodes. The premise was fine Kirk fighting for his professional life and at the same time dealing with the loss of a crewman and friend. It just seemed there were too many plot devices. First the ion pod and whatever it does. A manned sensor pod that needs to be jettisoned doesn’t make sense. Then you have Kirk’s control panel on the captain’s chair. Doctor McCoy’s heart beat eraser if Spock could eliminate the ensign in the transporter room why not the whole bridge. On a quick aside I feel that when Sulu, George Takei isn’t at the helm the episode losses a little something I always liked his character and the way he portrayed him.

I did like that the prosecutor was an old flame of Kirks made the courtroom scenes a little more dramatic and led to McCoy’s line about all his old friends look like doctors. Samuel T. Cogley was a fun off beat character and as Sister said it was nice to see they still used books. Trek had this tendency to regard things from present time as “ancient” 200 years is hardly ancient and Cogley’s library was a nice touch. The courtroom scenes played out well but the computer voice was quite annoying. We did get to see some three dimensional chess which I’m sure someone years ago worked out the rules for.

The Enterprise is large but could Finney really remain hidden for a long period of time and why not make tracks when they reached the Star base. Funny thing his sabotage of the Jefferies tube looks like my computer set up what with all the cables going in and out after my unfortunate milk accident.

I didn’t notice any major edits this week and most of the effects were of the Enterprise in orbit and the mark was the pod was jettisoned from. They also enhanced the shots of the star base adding in moving people and more background. Looking forward to Return of the Archons next week and as always comments are welcome and live long and prosper.