Dr Who: The War Games

July 25, 2013 in Dr Who by Firebird

Moving on just three years and The War Games is a much more polished story. Ten episodes long it starts with the Doctor and his companions apparently arriving in the middle of a WW1 battle field, but all is not as it seems.


There’s a lot of they get caught, they get away again, someone is about to be shot, and then they’re not, and while it was entertaining enough while watching, by about episode 7 it was starting to feel rather unnecessary.

Watching and not being a hardcore Whovian I thought that the War Chief was The Master, there being more than a passing resemblance in the facial hair department, but apparently this is not so, he’s a totally different renegade Time Lord. (Wiki entry) Update: It turns out that I was right after all – see comment by John Miller.


It was cool to see the Doctor creating a Time Lord message cube having seen them in The Doctor’s Wife. It’s nice to run across things that the new show has done as a nod to the old.

The Time Lords themselves are not as I know them from later, and I’d rather forgotten that there was once the idea that a Time Lord could pick what he, or she looked like, but I’d only seen it with Romana and later Doctors certainly seemed to regenerate ‘blind’.

This was the last episode to be broadcast in black and white and after this we move into the era that I first remember as a child 🙂