Star Trek: Squire of Gothos

July 9, 2013 in Guest Blogs, Star Trek by Firebird

A guest blog by Mindless Droid


Since as Yoda might have said “Ended the Clone Wars have” (thanks a lot Disney) the need for additional blog posts has arisen here on The Nexus Route. So until we get to see the additional Clone Wars episodes we have been promised, one of, well actually two of our esteemed members Siblings (Brother and Sister) had the cool idea of blogging the Original series Star Trek episodes as they air each week on Me-TV. Knowing that I was a longtime Trek fan they asked if I would like to add my thoughts as well and I was more than happy to.

First off I’d like to thank Siblings for inviting me to comment on their weekly Star Trek blog here at the Nexus Route. For me it will be a fun trip down memory lane to re-watch the OS Trek and share my thoughts on each episode. As each episode airs we will post highlights trivia and other information although for me having seen them countless times I really only need the episode title as they are etched into my mind. Me-TV is airing the 40th anniversary re-mastered editions so it will give me a chance to see the updated versions with the new effects.

Unfortunately my co-bloggers were unable to make it this week so I guess I’m a guest blogger on a guest blog but if you have to miss an episode Siblings this would be one to miss This week’s episode was Squire of Gothos you can read the episode summary here and you can watch the full episode here both links are to the official Star Trek site just be warned they show a lot of commercials.

Squire of Gothos is honestly not one of my favorite episodes. I really never cared for the all-powerful energy being plot especially in this case it can work such as the Organians in Errand of Mercy but that’s another episode for another time. I mean if you’re all powerful why be bothered with inferior beings and shouldn’t you know the whole speed of light concept of astronomy. I also never knew omnipotent beings had children either. Trelane as a character was interesting but the payoff just didn’t work for me.


Some of the special effects were also not that good especially the spotlight at the end when Trelane’s parents made him come in from “playing”. Now given the fact that it was early season one and their budget and technology at the time limited what they could do I could see how corners needed to be cut. But overall they did a pretty good job with the series given their limitations. The re-mastered version gives the planet a more realistic image and Trelane’s parents are enhanced. This episode also featured a landing party without a red shirt crew member, which pretty much guaranteed they all returned to the Enterprise alive.

Some trivia and notes. William Campbell who plays Trelane would go on to appear in perhaps the most famous original series Star Trek episodes The Trouble with Tribbles as the Klingon Captain Koloth. In a novel written by Peter David Q-Squared it is revealed that Trelane is a member of the Q continuum a character and group of beings introduced in the pilot episode of Star Trek the Next Generation.

Well that’s it for this week if anyone has any questions or comments please feel to post them and as always Live Long and prosper.