Settling in for the long haul

May 14, 2013 in SaveTheCloneWars by Firebird

I know that some people aren’t ready to give up on their desire for The Clone Wars to come back for a full Season 6 and beyond. Meanwhile others have ‘made their peace’ with the loss of the show and are getting rather short with the former group. However, rather than fighting with each other there is a middle ground option which I think all TCW fans can get behind that is both realistic and would give us the character and story resolutions that the ‘bonus content’ almost certainly will not. A final TCW movie.

How do we get this movie made? By asking 🙂 and by continuing to show our love and support for the show. Will this happen under Bob Iger? Personally I think not. His preferred business model has no space for creativity, integrity or giving fans what they actually want. So I pin my hopes on 2015 and his replacement, be that Kathleen Kennedy or someone else.

In light of that I suggest a new strategy, (pauses for everyone to say “Let the Wookiee win!”). It’s not particularly exciting and it’s going to take a conscious effort over a long period but I think the best we can do is keep TCW VISIBLE continually for the next 2 years and keep talking about a second movie. Then a big push when the new Disney boss is announced.

So, what can we do to keep TCW visible? First, keep tweeting with the #CloneWars tag, every time you watch an episode, or buy something TCW related, or something reminds you of it, or anything really. Aim to use the tag at least once a day, every day. Maybe we need a new tag too, something not too long to show we want a second movie?

Blog, create, use whatever social media you’re on. If you go to DisneyWorld or Disneyland wear a TCW shirt. Let LF/Disney know that we want more TCW and that we’re not going to stop wanting it. Don’t give up because there’s no visible sign of progress. This fight is going to require patience as well as passion.