Star Wars at Legoland Windsor

May 10, 2013 in Star Wars by Firebird

Having seen what the California version looks like I was expecting a simple outdoor miniworld, but the one at Windsor is inside. A lot more cramped and it makes it more of a walk through ride but it does allow for lighting and sound effects. On the down side that made taking good photographs a bit harder. Do you use ambient lighting and deal with the fuzziness, or use the flash and have it crisp but kill the mood? In the end I went for the former and got a few acceptable shots.








After the walkthrough was the inevitable shop, with a few large figures like Rex (see below), R2, C3PO and Vader, and that was it. A depressing lack of Ahsoka or any Star Wars merchandise for girls, I told the cashier and he said other people had mentioned that and he would pass on my comments. So Youngling got a Rex watch and I got an alarm clock and then we spent another 6 hours doing everything else 🙂