May the 4th be with you?

May 3, 2013 in Star Wars by Firebird

I’d written up and scheduled a happy, upbeat blog post with comedy Jawas giving party advice and the official anti-MayThe4th video and then … then they went and over stepped the line. Chewbacca is a Justin Bieber fan? Chewbacca Gets A Job At MTV. This was the last straw. The shark has been jumped. LucasFilm has officially entered the Holiday Special zone.

Rather than leaving fans to celebrate what was a fan invented day in their own way, they just HAD to stomp in and try to take it over and in the process ruined it. It’s now simply embarrassing, like the friend who’s had a few drinks too many and hasn’t noticed that nobody is laughing at his jokes any more.

All my plans for tomorrow suddenly seem stupid. Star Wars cookies? Why bother? Watching movies? I don’t think I can really spare the time.

I might try again on George Lucas’s birthday (May 14th) but for tomorrow my heart really isn’t in it any more.